Granite Designs have added the Punk CO2 Caddy to their line-up of cleverly-designed tools to help you ride pack-less. The STASH range of tools that sit in your steerer tube and bar ends have been around a while, as has the RockBand frame strap. The Granite CO2 inflator now completes the line-up, helping you to drop that cumbersome pack and go full enduro. Once you go packless, you’ll loathe going back. Riding with a minimalist set-up gives you a certain sense of added freedom. It takes a little thinking through, especially if your front triangle is on the small side, but it’s definitely worth it. Here’s the new offering from Granite Design.


Granite CO2 Inflator

granite punk co2 caddy
Got a flat? Plug the hole with Granite’s STASH tyre plugs, and re-inflate the tyre in seconds with the new PUNK CO2 Caddy

The Granite Designs Punk CO2 Caddy comprises an inflator head and a canister sleeve, available for both 16g and 25g canisters. The sleeves protect your hand when the rapid release of CO2 causes the canister to get very cold, very quickly. Classic entropy. The small weighs 24g, while the large weighs 25g. The Punk CO2 Caddy can be stowed tightly on your frame with Granite’s sweet-looking Rockband frame strap, available in Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange and ​Turquoise Blue. Strap it down along with a tube, some tyre levers and a multi-tool and you’re one step closer to pack-free full enduro life.


Granite Designs Pita Pedal Cover


The Granite Designs Pita Pedal Cover protects everything except your shins from those savage pedal pins. They’re a simple but effective solution that virtually eliminates that annoying damage caused by pedals during transport. No more bent spokes, scuffed paint or scratched stanchions and no more sacrificing knee pads or items of clothing to protect your bikes when they’re packed away.


Each Pita is a tough, easy to use neoprene pocket that slips over your flat or clipped pedals. When in place, simply push the poppers closed and they’ll stay in place till you’re ready to go. When you’re not using your Pitas, they can be stored securely with their handy hang-loops.


Pricing and Availability

The Granite CO2 inflator and canister sleeve combo, aka the PUNK CO2 Caddy, will set you back £19.99 (~$23). The Pita covers are available in small and large, fitting pedal sizes of 3.94″ x 3.35″ and 4.53″ x 4.53″, respectively. With black and camo green colorways available, the small is priced at $18.99, while the large will set you back $19.99.


  1. They say imitation is the best form of flattery, that might be very true but when it’s a product you put your heart into only to have it ripped off by a copycat can be tough to swallow. Nox Sox are the original neoprene pedal covers, these are simply a jumping on the bandwagon copy.

    To Granite Designs, speaking of copying, next time you write a press release you might want to remove words showing where you took the original text from. “simply push the poppers closed!!!” correct me if I’m wrong but it’s my Nox Sox brand that uses poppers and it looks quite clear from the pictures that you use Velcro.

  2. Ha, blatant rip-off copying the FIRST and the BEST pedal cover by far. I believe the owner spent so much time in developing the Nox Sox idea and final product,to be kicked in the private’s by such a cheeky copy. Nox Sox we have your back.

  3. Granite Pita Pedal Covers. A clear example of a US company ripping of a british homegrown brand. Im sticking wity my originator of the design Nox Sox, available from cycle retailer’s & Gone Biking Mad.
    Pita’s are best kept for filling with wet lettuce & salad.

    • Is Granite Designs an American company? The stem/bars and rims in their photos are all Funn products- we don’t see many of those here in the States.

  4. I have known the “Gone biking mad” firm for a long time along with the launch of the original Nox Sox pedal covers and being one of first to see when available to retail, live locally to the company.
    A direct copy product of the original and copywrite wrip off, as it’s mentioned even the text used is directly taken from the “Gone Biking Mad” website for thier original product.
    Note the original Nok Sox has poppers for fasteners the copy cat product is velcro fasteners.
    Typical American copy cat company – do not buy this counterfeit product of the original Nox Sox

  5. I have both sizes of Nox Sox & they are the best & not some cheap rip off …….. Just get yours from Gone Biking Mad…….

  6. I got some Nox Sox ages ago for the leg eaters that are DMR Vaults. The Nox Sox are superb and have saved the interior of my car and mates bikes!
    Obviously the originals were so good they got copied.
    I’ll be sticking to the Nox Sox!

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