Since Shimano announced their new Micro Spline hub standard for their 12-speed cassettes, hub brands the world over have been scrambling to secure a manufacturing license from Shimano so that they can offer their own aftermarket alternative.

DT Swiss were the winners of that particular race (they were a launch partner because, after all, Shimano needed somebody to have hubs ready for their cassettes). Many, many others have since caught up, so it’s likely your favorite brand now has a Micro Spline option. The following list is every brand currently making Shimano Micro Spline freehub body options for their own hubs.

Which brands are making Micro Spline compatible hubs?

2019 shimano xtr m9100 rear hub with micro spline and scylence freehub mechanism eliminates the noise while coasting

More brands are adding Micro Spline freehub body options, so we’ll continue updating this list as they come in. Brands with links go to Bikerumor’s coverage of that item for more information. Bookmark it for easy reference, and if you know a brand we missed, leave it in the comments and we’ll add it!

Is it Microspline or Micro Spline?

shimano microspline mountain bike hub
Photo: Shimano

Other things you’re probably wondering: Is it one word or two? Technically, it’s “Micro Spline” as two words, though searching it either way will probably get you where you want to go. And even some of Shimano’s own web pages show up with “microspline” in the search results.

Why do I need a Micro Spline hub?

2019 Shimano XTR M9100 cassette and chain tech details

Currently, Shimano only use Micro Spline for their mountain bike cassettes; namely, the XTR M9100, Deore XT M8100 and the SLX M7100, with the 10-tooth top cog. We expect a Micro Spline hub for road and gravel to eventually replace their traditional freehub body, too. Like SRAM’s XD system, it simply makes cassette installation faster, easier, and virtually eliminates gouging and stuck cassettes. It also allows for smaller teeth on the outer edge of the cassette.

Curious about all the other modern mountain bike standards? Check out our complete guide here.


  1. It’s unfortunate that Sram and Shimano 12spd cassettes aren’t cross compatible, like they were with 11spd.
    I get that each brand has a different system to hold a cassette but by modifying the spacing(Shimano) so it isn’t compatible is bad for the consumer. So if you go from Sram to Shimano, or vice versa, you need a new rear wheel.
    Maybe a 3rd party manufacturer will pick up on this this and make compatible cassettes for either XD or Microspline bodies

    • I’m using XT derailuer with a GX Eagle cassette. It works. I know the gear spacing isn’t quite the same… but it flat out works. MAYBE some noise in some gears, but the shifts are bang on and always happen when requested.

  2. “Like SRAM’s XD system, it simply makes cassette installation faster, easier, and virtually eliminates gouging and stuck cassettes.”

    I don’t see how installation is any faster or easier than with an older 13-spline cassette with similar spider mounted cogs. Sure, installation of individual cogs and spacers is slower, but most higher end cassettes have most of the cogs mounted on one or two spiders. Shimano might not have as few of pieces for their 11-speed cassettes, but some third party manufacturers do.

  3. Why does it have DO NOT RIDE on the back of the cassette? I don’t think it’s possible to install it the wrong way or separate out the cogs?

  4. If You’re talking about using Shimano 12s cassettes with Sram derailleurs/shifters and vice versa – no problem at all (I’m mixing XTR setup with X01 cassette).

    The cog spacing is different, but it’s 0,1mm, which gives You max. of 1,1mm difference on either side of the cassette. And if You set the chain position from the middle of the cassette, it gives You 0,5-0,6mm to each end – pulleys’ and chain’s side play is bigger than that, so no worries.

    • That anser was to Hurricane’s:
      “It’s unfortunate that Sram and Shimano 12spd cassettes aren’t cross compatible, like they were with 11spd.”.

  5. Is the Micro spline specification publically available? It’s hard to decide whether you _want_ to become a manufacturer, if you can’t know the dimensions

  6. It’s amazing how long it took to solve the problem of gouged free hub bodies that have been happening since the 90’s

    • Suntour had their microdrive cassette (and compact crankset) in the 90’s which enabled them to have an *gasp* 11 tooth cog! They even had a microlite hub with alloy cassette body. There’s one on eBay right now.

      Markets are not egalitarian. Though a product may be better in many respects, that does not mean it will do well, succeed, or apparently, even be remembered twenty eight years later. The usual example is Sony Betamax. Suntour did not survive, so some of its ideas had to wait to be reinvented.

    • Been solved since it came out 🙂 Trick is to just use steel as the material for the freehub body. This is heavier of course but Novatec has a neat solution where they use aluminum for the body except one of the splines is slightly oversized and made of steel (and replaceable).

      • Yeah, the problem is that Novatec’s system doesn’t work – it helps a bit, but Your cassette is still gonna bite into the alloy splines.

  7. Yes, it sucks to order a set of wheels with an old standard so that you can run single speed. The Wheels Manufacturing Zinger kit is a good option for XD drivers, but the cogs are not very nice. I contacted Wolf Tooth. They said they had no plans to do this but put it on their customer wish list.

  8. I am looking to upgrade my current 2×10 speed giant to an 1×12 speed with shimano xt m8100 but I can’t find any micro spline bodies that wil work with my hub. I have a giant xtc advanced 3 from 2017: .Are there any micro spline bodies which wil work with my hub so I can run 12 speed. I also can’t find the current body that would work with my hub for a 10 speed.
    Thanks for your answer.

  9. Hi there,

    I have a SRAM MTH 746 boost Disc 6 Bolt Rear Hub.

    Is there a Shimano micro spline body to fit this hub? (Maybe DT swiss 3 pawl?)

    I know i can put on a Sram cassette but i rather not.

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