3T has added another all-new aerodynamic handlebar option with the gravel-specific, flared Aeroghiaia. The new lightweight ergonomic carbon aero gravel bar joins the recent aero road Aeroflux, as 3T reshapes their dropbar line-up into simple choices between ergo vs. aero and road vs. gravel.

3T Aeroghiaia carbon aero gravel handlebar

3T Aeroghiaia carbon aero gravel bar, lightweight UD carbon aerodynamic gravel bike handlebar

The all-new Aeroghiaia takes 3T’s own “multi-flare” drop design to new aerodynamic levels as an aero gravel racing dropbar. It mixes the new top of the Aeroflux with the drops of the Superghiaia.

3T Aeroghiaia carbon aero gravel bar, lightweight UD carbon aerodynamic gravel bike handlebar

As 3T puts it,” aerodynamics are important if you want to go fast on a gravel bike for two reasons: 1. Gravel rides often involve open areas where speeds can be considerable and with strong winds, your speed relative to the wind can be enormous even if you’re going slowly relative to the ground. 2. Gravel bikes are also used on paved roads a lot, either to loop together gravel sections or for a civilized outing with roadie friends. So you don’t want to give up any speed to them.

3T Aeroghiaia carbon aero gravel bar, lightweight UD carbon aerodynamic gravel bike handlebar

The multi-flare design is unique in that the top half of the drop remains close to vertical – 7° actually, so the position of your hoods isn’t affected and you brake levers don’t flare out at unnecessary angles. Then as the bend of the drops starts to open up, the lower half of the drop angles out more dramatically to 35° for optimal control over rough terrain in the drops.

3T Aeroghiaia carbon aero gravel bar, lightweight UD carbon aerodynamic gravel bike handlebar

The new flared aero dropbar comes in three widths – 40, 42 & 44cm measured center-to-center at the hoods, or ~8cm wider at the drops thanks to the multi-flare. The Aeroghiaia has a compact progressive bend, with 78mm reach (note: 76mm is the standard Reach measurement: center of stem clamp to center of the bar in the forward-most position in the drops; 89mm is stem center to front of bar) & 119mm drop. The “ultralight” LTD spec UD carbon bar weighs between 230-236g, depending on width.

3T Aeroghiaia carbon aero gravel bar, lightweight UD carbon aerodynamic gravel bike handlebar

The aero gravel bar features full internal routing channels, with either outlets to guide lines close next to the stem or fully internal into the stem body, plus internal Di2 junction compatibility.

3T Aeroflux carbon aero road & fast gravel handlebar

3T Aeroflux carbon aero road bike handlebar geometry

The new aerodynamic wing road bar got an early release last month on 3T co-owner Gerard Vroomen’s personal project road bike. The Aeroflux combines a bit of the ergonomic comfort from the SuperErgo bars with a flat aerodynamic profile for the tops.

3T Aeroflux carbon aero road bike handlebar geometry

The standard 31.8mm clamp bar features an airfoil top, with enough room next to the step for accessory mounts, but is not compatible with clip-on aero bars. It includes internal routing ports, is fully Di2-ready with the option for fully-internal routing through the clamping area into the stem body.

3T Aeroflux carbon aero road bike handlebar geometry

The new aero dropbar comes in four widths – 38, 40, 42 & 44cm measured center-to-center at the hoods, or 2cm wider at the drops thanks to a subtle 7° flare, probably making it suitable not just for road bikes but also fast gravel. The Aeroflux has a compact & ergonomic progressive bend to the drops, with 77mm reach & 119mm drop. The “ultralight” LTD spec UD carbon bar weighs between 227-236g, depending on width.

Aeroghiaia & Aeroflux aero bars, plus Prendo tape – Pricing & availability

3T Aeroghiaia carbon aero gravel handlebar, Aeroflux aero road dropbar, LTD-level lightweight carbon ergonomic aerodynamic road gravel handlebars

Both new aero bars are available now for pre-order, direct from 3T. The Aeroghiaia is for now exclusively available in the top LTD-level carbon spec for 350€ in 40, 42 & 44cm widths. The first Aeroflux is also LTD carbon only, for the same 350€ in 38, 40, 42, or44cm widths. 3T expects to deliver the first batch of the new aero bars by the middle of May, to early June at the latest. There is mention of “limited quantities” of each available right away.

The naming is simple: Aero=aero, Ghiaia=mud, Super=ergo tops. But the people making the labels mixed up the first batch (why we were confused about the name of last month’s bar). But 3T thought it was funny, so the limited first run will get quirky names: the first Aeroflux bars get “Superflux” labels, and the first Aeroghiaia bars get labelled “Superghiaia”. Call it a limited edition of you order now.

No official word if, or when more affordable Team carbon or even Pro alloy versions will also be added in the future.

3T Predo bar tape, grippy synthetic PU handlebar tape, Prendo Tough, Prendo Speed
Prendo Tough (left), Prendo Speed (right)

3T also say they are ready to wrap the new bars in new sticky synthetic Prendo bar tape. Offered as the thicker, more padded Prendo Tough or thinner Prendo Speed, both share similar polyurethane construction with molded patterns for grip & comfort in all riding conditions. The Prendo tape sells for 25€ a roll in black only.

3T Tech Talk Two: But which bar is right for you?

Even though the options are maybe more simple than ever before, you still have to decide. 3T recently launched a series of regular Tech Talks with their outspoken design chief Gerard Vroomen. The first was on tire sizing (and can be viewed here), but the next topic will be “Choosing the right handlebar“. Come back here next Monday, May 4 to watch live via YouTube at 10:00 PDT, 13:00 EDT, 18:00 GMT, 19:00 CET. Or head over to the 3T blog.



  1. These super aero drop bars (any brand) always look interesting to me. But they also look like they will flex a lot more than a standard round carbon bar when you are out of the saddle climbing or sprinting. Anyone have any real world comparisons that they can share?

    • Highly depending on the brands and carbon layup.
      Base on my feeling, Specialized is very stiff. Too stiff and harsh on bad road sometime. Zipp SL-70 Aero a bit less so. I’d say. Right at the sweet spot between stiffness and not too harsh. 3T Aeronova I’ve used is just soft. It flex noticeably when I push stand off the bike and push down the bar.

      Of course, I have no idea about this newly released stuff. But a bit more compliance isn’t bad for gravel usage.

      • I can confirm that the older 3T Aeronova is hella flexy, particularly when your hands are in the drops (less so from the hoods). It’s actually nice that the bar has some give on hard descents and gravel in general, but I wouldn’t choose it for criterium racing. The Aeronova has a longer reach than these new bars, and thus the structure cantilevers the load further away from the support of the stem, so I would not be surprised if these new bars are at least a little stiffer just because of the geometry.

        I hope that the new bars are a little easier feeding hose/housing/cables thru.

        • I’ve been riding Aeronovas for 4 years. I weigh 180 lbs, can do 1500 watts in a sprint, and never once have I felt that the bars were too flexible.

          • I had the Aeronova Ltd and it flexed much more than the Team edition. But yea, the Ltd I had was at least one year older than the Team so they might have changed the layup. My experience reflects more or less what OriginalMV says.

    • As Hexsense stated, it depends. In my limited experience, the integrated aero bar/stem on the Argon 18 Nitrogen Pro from ~5 years ago flexed noticeably enough that I think it a negative. My 2020 Venge semi-integrated bar/stem are super solid and not at all jarring or otherwise uncomfortable.

  2. Hey BikeRumor, small correction:

    3T quotes bar reach 2 different ways. You used the the longer dimension which doesn’t line up with how most other bar makers measure reach. The more universal method of measuring reach would have the Aeroflux at 77mm and the Aeroghiaia at 78mm (source: 3t.bike). I mean, if people care about +/-10mm on their stem, they should probably care about 10-12mm difference in bar reach just as much.

    • Thank you @Original, that does warrant a clarification. We’ve updated the description to reflect the more standard measurements.

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