For a brand that made their mark with winged, ergonomic grips, the original GD1 was quite a departure from the norm. Using a tapered design that put more padding towards the outside of the grip without losing the round shape, the grip manged to be ergonomic without getting weird. Now, Ergon has improved on that original design for even more comfort and better grip.

Ergon GD1 gets the EVO Factory treatment w/ improved downhill mountain bike specific grip

The GD1 gets its name from ‘Grip Downhill’ which highlights its intended purpose. The grip now includes a softer thumb zone for improved grip as well as a redesigned inner flange. Now trimmed down and chambered on the bottom, the grip still provides an inner stop, but won’t interfere with access to shifters or dropper post levers. Like many of the Ergon grips, it uses a single lock-on collar design with a closed end at the end of the grip.

Ergon GD1 gets the EVO Factory treatment w/ improved downhill mountain bike specific grip

Offered in EVO and EVO Factory models, the Factory versions get a unique German rubber compound that increases grip and comfort without giving up much in terms of durability. The two models are also offered in standard or Slim profiles, with the Slim recommended for Small/Medium sized gloves and the standard recommended for those who wear Large/X-Large gloves.

The GD1 EVO will sell for $34.95 in black, while the GD1 EVO Factory is priced at $39.95 in Frozen Stealth, Frozen Orange, or Frozen Moss with Oil Slick collars. Available now in select colors with full availability in the following weeks.


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  1. bmx on

    make you grips longer, I have large hands and your grips are too short and I end up holding the metal collar part which hurts


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