If you’re looking for a premium flat pedal, and you’re willing to pay for it, it doesn’t get much better than pedals like the Deity TMAC. But for those looking for similar performance without the pricey CNC machined aluminum body? Many pedal brands have started offering premium plastic options, which sounds a bit like an oxymoron. Yet, with durable nylon construction, replaceable pins, and quality bearings, these pedals are up to the task. Now, Deity Components has added their second nylon fiber pedal to the mix – the premium Deftrap.

Deity Deftrap Pedal captures your feet with a premium, yet affordable nylon construction

Starting with the material itself, Deity claims that the Deftrap uses a higher grade nylon fiber material than the competition. Owner and designer Eric Davies states, “not all nylon materials are created the same though. Did you know that in the pedal manufacturing game there are two qualities of nylon fiber used for pedals?  One is widely used and is the standard in this industry due to its cost-effective price and ease of access.  However, there is another nylon fiber material available that is substantially more expensive, harder to acquire, and is approximately 28% stronger against impacts and even stronger than that when faced with dramatic weather ranges.  This material is used in high load industries and in equipment that experiences extreme forces, high heat ranges, and bitter cold temperatures.  It is vastly superior and the clear winner for us during the development and production of the DEFTRAP Pedal.”

Created with an injection molding process, the Detrap is inspired by the TMAC and offers a 113 x 103mm foot print. The pedal is 18mm thick at the center, and offers 1.5mm of true concave shape in the pedal body per side.

Deity Deftrap Pedal captures your feet with a premium, yet affordable nylon construction

In addition to open channeling designed to allow mud and snow to shed away, the pedals feature 10 pins per side. Eight of those on each side are replaceable steel pins that thread through the back with a replaceable nut in the pedal body. There are also two fixed nylon pins on the inside of the pedal near the spindle.

Spinning on two sealed bearings and an oversized DU bushing, the Deftrap is fully sealed and rebuildable.

Deity Deftrap Pedal captures your feet with a premium, yet affordable nylon construction

Weighing in at 391g per pair, the pedals are offered in a range of 10 colors and are priced at $49.99.


  • Inspired by the world-renowned TMAC pedal
  • Injection Molded Nylon Fiber Composite Body
  • Premium Nylon Fiber Composite material is 28% stronger than Nylon Composite used by most leading brands
  • Nylon Fiber blend does not get hung up on rocks
  • Non-offset symmetrical design gives the rider perfect weight distribution across the pedal, creating a very stable platform through rough terrain
  • Large 113mm L x 103mm W footprint
  • Featuring a true concave pedal body profile
  • 5mm of concave shape in the pedal body per side
  • 18mm at the center
  • 10 pins per side (8 replaceable steel pins, and 2 fixed nylon pins)
  • 2 sealed bearings with oversized DU bushing design is robust and reliable
  • Open channeling for mud and snow shedding capabilities
  • Not the average plastic disposable pedal…the DEFTRAP Pedals are fully sealed, rebuildable, thin, and offer the same or better grip in comparison to a traditional aluminum pedal
  • Brilliant design for all genres of riding…from Trail, Enduro, Downhill, Dirt Jumping, to commuters
  • Full color range available in Black, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Turquoise, Yellow, Mint, Purple, and Pink options
  • 391 grams per pair
  • $49.99 USD


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