The updated Bontrager TLR Flash Charger Floor Pump gets several nifty updates for 2020, including a digital LCD gauge and streamlined lever to switch between charging and inflating. Fortunately, the top-mounted gauge and extra long hose carry over, and the price only sees a $10 bump.

Add in hidden accessories like sports ball inflation needle and yoga ball plug, a wide base, and you’ve got a pump worth checking out.

What is a “charger” floor pump?

bontrager tubeless setup floor pump with high pressure chamber

Quite simply, this style pump lets you fill an auxiliary chamber with up to 160psi of air pressure, then rapidly release it to pop tubeless tires into place on a rim. They’ve been a game changer since being introduced several years ago, and they’re offered by various brands.

They work for road bikes, gravel bikes and mountain bikes, making tubeless tire seating and setup much quicker and easier. They’re (obviously) smaller, lighter, and more portable than a compressor, and often times their 160psi max is higher than most consumer-oriented home compressors. And definitely quieter.

Bontrager TLR Flash Charger pump details

bontrager tlr flash charger floor pump helps set up tubeless road and mountain bike tires quickly and easily

The backlit digital gauge on the Bontrager TLR Flash Charger sits up high, making it crystal clear and easy to read. Once you hit the maximum 160psi  (11bar), it’ll show three dashes instead of a number, indicating it’s ready to blast all that air into your tire.

The power button is on top, too, and there’s a pressure release button where the hose comes into the pump body. Purge the air or set to “Inflate” in order to turn off the pump. It runs on a standard CR2032 battery.

bontrager tlr flash charger floor pump helps set up tubeless road and mountain bike tires quickly and easily

The Bontrager TLR Flash Charger works as a regular pump, too. A lever on the left switches between Inflation and Charge. When charging, set the lever on the right to “Fill Tank” and max it out, then flip that to open the valve and send all the air to your tire.

bontrager tlr flash charger floor pump helps set up tubeless tire set up with a digital gauge

The gauge measures in 1/10th psi increments, and the pump head is compatible with Presta and Schrader valve stems.bontrager tlr flash charger floor pump includes inflation needle and plug for soccer balls basket balls and footballs hidden inside the handle so you won't lose them

Hidden in the handle of the Bontrager TLR Flash Charger are inflation needles and plugs to pump up soccer balls, footballs and basketballs, or just about any other fitness equipment that needs air. Retail is $129 and it comes with a two year manufacturer’s defect warranty.



  1. Henry on

    It has a digital gauge, but do you have any idea if it accurately inflates and states low pressures, like putting 4.5 psi in a fatbike tire?

  2. NRM on

    Does “Inflate” mode bypass the charge tank? That’s my biggest pet peeve with the current TLR: when I’m just topping off my tires I have to pressurize the high-volume tank before any air goes to the tires.

    • Nick A on

      @NRM, Yes, it does exactly this and is one of the main things we wanted to address when developing this second generation TLR Flash Charger

  3. STS on

    Is the tank still made from (non stainless) steel as in the first generation?
    Compressing air up to 160 psi makes the water that is dissolved in the air condense. And that air then runs down the tank’s wall and make it corrode on the inside. It didn’t take long on my pump before some of that rusty water ruined the valve controlled by the switch and it would no longer seal. Tried to repair it, but then saw that it will happen over and over again as that tank has obviously no protective coating on its inner wall.


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