If your group rides and workouts bring people a little too close for comfort, the new Under Armour SportsMask face covering is designed specifically for cyclists, triathletes, or any athletes who are breathing hard and heavy during exercise.

With three individual layers, four sizes, and shaping to work well during hard workouts and while wearing sunglasses, the UA SportsMask is made for workouts but might just be the best option for daily use, too.

Does the UA SportsMask filter out viruses?

the under armour sports mask is designed specifically for athletes to use during group workouts but is comfortable and cool enough to wear all the time

The mask uses three layers, designed to allow easy breathing while still capturing moisture particles during exhalation. And shedding them on inhalation.

Meaning, the exterior is water resistant, so you can use it even if it’s raining and it won’t get soaked and become useless. And when you breathe out, it won’t let your breathe’s moisture vapor escape to potentially infect others.

Which is the point. The CDC recommends cloth face coverings to prevent you from spreading COVID-19 coronavirus to others. They’re not to protect the wearer from others, only to protect others if the wearer is infected. Which is why their recommended best practice is to keep your distance and have everyone wearing

Why is the UA SportsMask good for athletes?

UA SportsMask fabric and foam layers help trap your breathes moisture vapor during exercise so you don't infect others.

The interior lining is their Iso-Chill fabric that feels cool to the touch, even when you’re burning up. It’s stretchy, and it has an anti-microbial treatment to keep the funk at bay. It’s also 100% washable and reusable, too.

The center layer is an open cell foam that breathes easy, but makes it harder for moisture droplets to pass through. So, if you are infected but not showing symptoms, it will help prevent you from spreading the coronavirus to others.

The outer layer uses tiny air pockets to, along with the stitching and folds, add structure so it won’t collapse against your face when you’re breathing hard. The straps are designed to lay flat against your face, and there’s a foldable nose bridge so you can shape it to your face and reduce leakage.

how to find the right size face mask to prevent the spread of covid-19 coronavirus when breathing in public spaces

We really like the detailed sizing charts, which provide three measurements to help you get the right fit. They’re also supplying masks to student athletes in the fall who are starting up practice and team workouts.

Retail is $30, and they’re already backordered as of this posting, with the next shipment going out on or before August 17, 2020.


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  1. Personally, I find masks that wrap around the ear to be ear-itating (lolz) for long periods, and much prefer those that wrap around the back of the head. Would be nice if they offered both.

  2. I have had to wear a mask at work for the past three or four months, and I found ear-kept masks much more comfortable and easier to use.

    Each their own!

  3. Dont forget, former founder Kevin Plank, who stepped down as CEO but still pulls strings behind the scenes is a major Trump supporter! Just get a different mask!

    • Isn’t the wearing of masks politicized enough already? Can’t we just encourage people to get masks and wear them without attaching a political statement or judgment to that? Right now, if this is the mask that a person will wear, then they should buy this mask.

  4. That Under Armor logo might be enough to get some Red Hats to finally put a mask on.

    I’ll take whatever helps.

  5. I will NEVER support under amour buy one of the 10k other masks on the market . Please google them if you don’t know why…

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