If you’ve been eyeing a new Lauf gravel or endurance bike, they just became a lot more accessible – and affordable. While they had enjoyed solid sales in a few key Midwest U.S. and other markets, it made more business sense for Iceland-based Lauf to switch to a consumer direct sales model.

The decision to move to a direct sales model was not made in haste. Pre-COVID, their team had rotated on nearly continuous two-week stints traveling the U.S. to visit dealers and hold demos for years. But in order to get their bikes out to more riders, they have introduced their Direct To You sales program.

Drop shipping means dropping prices

Lauf bikes get huge price drop with Direct To You consumer direct sales model pricing U.S

Direct To You consumer direct sales model pricing EU

They’ve dropped prices across the board by about 25%. In the U.S., their Weekend Warrior Builds see near $1,000 discounts. But something like the Ultimate build goes from over $10k, to around $6k. Just bought a bike and bummed about the new prices? If it was within 30 days, you can contact Lauf and get a store credit for the difference.

The price drop also extends to customers in the UK and in Europe, though the new discounts aren’t as much since the pricing seems to have been lower over there to begin with.

Lauf bikes get huge price drop with Direct To You consumer direct sales model

Of course a consumer direct sales model will require the customer to assemble their own bike, but in our experience Lauf bikes arrive mostly pre-assembled. Even for an obsessive mechanic, bolts were properly greased and almost everything was properly adjusted. Completing the build requires you to install the handlebar, seat post, and front wheel.

But the new pricing isn’t all of the news…

Size Specific springs on True Grit SL forks

Lauf Bikes True Grit

We’ve enjoyed our time on various Lauf suspension forks, but the lack of multiple spring rates left a lot of people scratching their heads. That appears to have changed with new frame-size tuned spring stiffness on the Grit SL suspension forks. The forks appear to run different spring stiffnesses based on the size of the frame. Details are limited at the moment, but we’re getting the scoop and will report back soon.

SRAM AXS 12-speed builds

New builds also include SRAM AXS drivetrains on everything except the entry level Weekend Warrior package. To keep the price as low as possible, that Weekend Warrior package sticks with a 1×11 SRAM Rival 1 drivetrain.

Lauf is kicking off their DTY sales program by offering the ability to speak directly to their team through video calling. You can sign up for a video call directly with Lauf’s CEO, Benedikt Skúlason, on the Lauf website to discuss any questions or concerns you might have about your new bike. After that, all that’s left for you is to just ride!



  1. Some dodgy pricing going on – those prices only apply to a single colour, different at each level. Alternate colours have up to an almost $600 upcharge, that’s more than 20% on the base model!
    I also don’t see framesets on the website anymore?

  2. I rented a True Grit to ride in the Dirty Kanza last year (yes, I am crazy… I rode a bike I had never ridden on the longest hardest gravel race – which was actually my first time on gravel but that is beside the point)… Anyway, ever since then, I have wanted one. Looks like they just shot back up to the top of my list!

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