I’ve loved the simplicity and convenience of Foothill’s Offset wheel storage hooks since they first launched in extruded aluminum back four years ago. Now a new limited edition model is here – Offset Wood, cut from premium birch plywood for a more natural look and now with updated geometry to better suit bigger tires & disc brake rotors.

Foothill Offset Wood limited edition bike wheel storage hooks

Foothill Offset Wood limited edition bike wheel storage hooks
c. Foothill

Foothill’s Offset Wood storage hooks are a simple as it gets if you have a spare set of wheels for your bike. The simple hook hangs one wheel high and close to the wall, then a second offset lower so hubs, cassette & brake rotors don’t interfere with each other. Simply screw the Offset mount against the wall in the garage, basement, workshop, or wherever your bike lives, and wheels hang easy-to-reach but securely out-of-the-way.

Foothill Offset Wood limited edition bike wheel storage hooks

Now with so much versatility in modern all-road, gravel, and even trail bikes, who doesn’t have a second set of wheels for their bike? (Disclaimer: When, I first wrote about the alloy originals in 2016, I was mainly storing spare cyclocross wheelsets, plus a road or XC wheelset. Now, I think I have a second wheelset for every one of my bikes these days – all-road, gravel, adventure, CX, XC & trail! And I’ve bought six Offset hangers to keep those wheels out of the way, in the meantime.)

Foothill Offset Wood limited edition bike wheel storage hooks dimensions

The new Offset Wood is larger than the original (1.6″ wider from the wall, and 1.75″ taller for more vertical offset.) That revised geometry offers a bit of extra clearance between mountain bike wheels and disc brake rotors (QRs/thru-axles still tuck inside even small diameter rotors, so they shouldn’t contact the braking surface.)

Offset Wood – Pricing & availability

Foothill Offset Wood limited edition bike wheel storage hooks

Each hook is CNC-routed out of sheets of birch plywood in-house by Foothill in central California. The hooks are hand sanded and get soft felt pads to protect your wheels. Leave the Offset Wood hook unfinished, or it can be stained or painted to suit your style. Foothill says the wooden hooks are made in small batches of about forty, so act quickly to get this batch while they last. Offset Wood hooks sell for $35 a piece and store two wheels per hook.

All of the Offset hooks are entirely made in the USA. Foothill says COVID-19 has impacted their colored finishes, but raw alloy hooks are still available in addition to this new wood version. All ship globally, but again the pandemic has slowed many international deliveries.



  1. have sent multiple inquiries email, social media to them but no response. Can someone validate that these hooks work with gravel tires size 40mm, thru axle and rotors with a 10×50 cassette. assuming then they would work with 40mm, QR and 11×36 cassette for the other wheels. I think yes but need to ensure this is the correct fit.

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