“I just don’t want to go too fast. Because if I go too fast, I won’t be able to slow down.” You know when those words come out of the mouth of Remy Metailler, it’s because physics wouldn’t allow him to slow down – not due to lack of skill. That skill is on full display in Remy’s latest edit from Squamish, BC.

I’m not sure it’s possible to comprehend how insane this riding is without actually having ridden some of these slabs. At normal speeds, they can be terrifying. But at Remy speed and following #theremyline? It’s on another level.

From Remy:

Riding my mountain bike down Gouranga, In n Out, Hueso, Entrails, Ditch Pig, Angry Midget, Intestinal Fortitude and more like you have never seen before! Click here to support my channel and help me to do more edits like this! http://bit.ly/39xojyn So proud to release my Shred-it for this year! Riding the world’s most famous mountain bike trail with a unique approach. It’s called #theremyline. Influx Production and I started our career by filming a crazy Whistler Bike Park edits in 2013. After a few years off, we are BACK! In Squamish this time! @influxproductions on Instagram: http://www.influxproductions.ca We hope you enjoy it and make sure to subscribe for more!

Songs: DL Incognito – Commerce DL Incognito – Claim to Fame 

Thank you Squamish Nation 


  1. watching this makes my testicles pull up inside my stomach. At my best, I ride technical and rocky stuff, all at 1/4 scale of this.

  2. Can someone please tell me why no gloves? Honestly, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t wear gloves but it is the latest trend.

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