When you can’t get your fix fast enough, the upcoming Camelbak Forge Flow travel mug gets a redesigned lid and trigger valve to double the flow rate. Already one of our favorite stainless steel insulated hot beverage cups thanks to its nearly spill proof (and foolproof) lid, it definitely needed a better flow rate.

camelbak forge flow travel mug with spill proof lid

The secret is a single-finger trigger on the back that pulls back a sliding plug. Easy to grab from the, um, drinking position, you simply squeeze to open the valve and drink. It closes automatically when you let go, so there’s no way to accidentally leave it open and spill.

When it comes time to clean it, the valve opens all the way out for pass-through cleaning, no nooks and crannies to trap funk.

The only downside? This new Forge Flow version won’t hit stores until Spring 2021. But…

In the meantime, their clever MultiBev is finally shipping. We just got some in for testing and they’re already replacing a whole lot of other travel mugs. If your water bottle and mug drawer looks anything like ours (overstuffed, cluttered, and an embarrassment), these could easily replace most things in there. Worth a look.

camelbak stainless steel water bottles

And, if cold beverages are your cup of (iced) tea, check out the sale on their stainless tumblers and bottles. We love the 40oz Chute, which keeps water ice cold for days, and it’s on sale in various sizes and colors, along with their Beck, Eddy and Hot Cap travel mugs and bottles. Get 25% off through August 25, 2020.


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