A new Instagram account could be setting the stage for a new Campagnolo gravel group. With just two photos posted as of this story going live, Campy’s giving us two looks at how their existing groups have been used for gravel bikes.

A historical look at the racing bikes from the 1970’s shows that many of the biggest, best road races often took place on dirt roads, and Campagnolo groups were right there in the mix. As a pioneer in so many aspects of modern day drivetrains, Campy has no shortage of experience to draw from.

campy gravel bike drivetrain teaser from instagram

The latest photo shows a modern day Chorus 12-speed group on a custom steel Repete gravel bike.

Both stories use #thoseintheknow which can easily be interpreted as insider knowledge of things to come. With SRAM’s Force AXS Wide and Shimano’s GRX groups giving riders plenty of gravel-specific gearing options, this new account confirms a Campy gravel group is at least on their minds…

Follow the account at Instagram.com/campagnolo_gravel and get in the know.


  1. This. Rebuildable shifters. Lifetime quality components. Now if they just get rid of the Campy spline that isn’t an option on any gravel wheelset out there (and King discontinued if I recall right) then we have a winner.

    • The campy freehub design is superior and you can usually find freehub options from all major hub makers, although it’s an additional cost.

    • That isn’t even remotely true, plenty of gravel wheelsets are available with Campy splines. I mean, a 2-second google shows for example Hunt gravel wheels have the option for Campy.

  2. BR posted Campy’s new 10-42 cassette design way back in November of last year. If that isn’t indicative of a gravel group on the way I don’t know what is. Since you’re so adamant about keeping score of who drops news first, Jeff.

  3. You mean I can campandgoslo on my Campagnolo…woohoo! I have always wanted a campy bike but I don’t race or need small gear ratios so this could be perfect. White Industries does Campy freehubs and is made in ‘Merica and anodized and awesome and there are other hub brands still doing campy and you can always build a custom wheel set for extra balleur points.


    • @Mark – not really true.
      Here at Velotech, the senior UK SC, according to our service log, we have rebuilt over 400 levers since 2009. That’s strip, clean, fault find, replace parts & rebuild, not body-swaps.

      • That’s good to hear, but I have found no resources for components or instructions. My 11 speed rear shifter is in need of a rebuild, so any info would be appreciated.

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