Tire Levers are something of an art, and I have a few favorites for different reasons. I also keep them stored at strategic spots around the office and my garage, so something’s always within reach. Now, the KOM Tire Levers have joined the ranks, and for good reason: They’re quite excellent.

The KOM levers are more robust, thanks to a thicker handle portion that’s also ridged to create structure. And if you’ve ever had a set of levers that are supposed to nest together, you’ll appreciate this: KOM’s levers actually stick and stay together, even if you drop them. Which is good, because hiding in between them is their alloy, multi-purpose valve core removal tool…

kom tire levers included valve core tool removing a tubeless valve stem

The alloy valve core removal tool has one end sized for Presta, and the other for Schrader. The latter may not be common, but helpful if you want to add sealant to your cruiser or kid’s bike’s tubes.

The center section’s flattened edges make it easy to grip and turn even with full finger gloves on. It’s a quick, easy way to snug up the valve core before using a mini pump with threaded chuck, since those are notorious for unthreading the cores as you remove them…resulting in all that hard earned psi slipping right back out.

kom tire levers have a thick handle that makes it easy to grab

While KOM bills this kit as a Valve Core Remover that includes tire levers, I’d argue that nomenclature should be reversed. In terms of just making a tire lever to do what a tire lever should do, these are among the best.

I say that mainly for one reason: The handles are thick and textured enough that I could really grab onto it and muscle through very tight tire removals. Thinner levers flex, and smooth levers slip and slide. These do neither, giving me confidence to push without fear of destroying my fingers should it give out.

KOM tire levers holding a bike tire off the rim with clever spoke hooks

KOM’s levers aren’t the longest out there, but they’re long enough to still hook the spoke on deeper carbon rims thanks to an angled spoke catch.

The rest of the features are bonus, and include well thought out design touches like their angular hooked spoke catch:

kom tire lever spoke catch uses hooked tabs to hold securely

The shaping of the spoke catch is brilliant, with notches to trap the spoke securely. It worked well on both round and bladed spokes and never let it slip. It’s a big improvement over the rounded J-shaped hooks on most levers.

kom cycling tire levers help get tight tire beads off the rim

While some rim brands recommended against using tire levers, let’s be real…most of us will still do it when the need arises. Because what’s the alternative? Magic?

KOM’s levers have a meaty grip that doesn’t flex, with mildly rounded edges on the end that sticks under the tire. This eases entry, and helps it slide along smoothly once inserted.

Perhaps the best part is that the entire bundle is just $9.99. Available direct and through Amazon.


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  1. Mark on

    The best part is the 10 bucks for a plastic tire lever and a core valve removal tool? Really? For the last 30 yrs a pair of cheap levers and cheap, plastic micro U-shape wrench which is nearly the same size of a valve cap has done the job without any problems and they almost disappear in my tool kit.

  2. Miclaroc on

    I cannot ride my favorite bike and wheels outside of our local park because the tires are so impossibly difficult to remove and replace. Reynolds Aero 80 best wheels ever but absolutely nightmarish to change tires and I’ve tried them all. Maybe these will do the trick?

  3. El Pataron on

    Have owned KOMs levers for about a year. I have tried Pedros, and they work well, but these are definitely the best I’ve owned. I don’t always use tire levers, because it seems like they scuff up the bead, but when I do use them, I use KOM’s. And at 10 bucks, with the valve core removal tool–not the cheapest, but not the cheapest quality either. These levers are solid.

  4. Bryan on

    I have a pair of HED wheels like that. Gives me anxiety to ride because getting tires on and off is such a pain. I use Pedros to get them off but getting back on out on the road requires a prayer and a miracle.

  5. John on

    Their spoke catch looks very similar to the ones on my yellow Pedros levers. It’s a good design. Neat idea to make space for a valve core tool inside the lever.

    As for getting a tight tire back on a rim, I 100% agree with Adam (above) that nothing replaces a Kool Jack tire lever. Nobody wants to carry one, but it beats walking home or back to the trailhead if your tire bead is too tight to get over the rim with just tire levers.

    • typevertigo on

      +1 on the tire bead jack. Very useful for 20″ BMX/folding bike tires with ridiculously tight beads. Bike Hand makes a version of it with a more scissors-like form factor for more leverage.

  6. typevertigo on

    To my eye, these look like burlier versions of Pedro’s levers…right down to the nesting capability and two-sided spoke hook. That alone should bode well, as Pedro’s levers are the best I’ve had.

    Adding the valve core tool is a godsend if you travel with a Lezyne pump with their thread-on valve chucks.

  7. Gr36 on

    Had a pair of these for a while. Work well, happy customer. Truthfully never used the valve tool, but the levers work great, and that valve tool is right there when I need it, lol!


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