The Wolf Tooth Pack Pliers were already great tools. But for those looking for packing the most functions into a single light weight tool, the new 8-Bit Pack Pliers look like a win.

Wolf Tooth Components 8-bit Pack Pliers features

Wolf Tooth Components 8-bit Pack Pliers close up

Starting with the same design that allows you to open or close the master link on most chains, the 8-Bit pliers add an additional 8 bits with even more functions. All of the bits are stored inside the tool and are held in place with small magnets. Admittedly, you’ll probably have to remove your gloves to get at the bits, but there is a window through the back of the tool that helps you pop up the 6mm allen if you’re struggling to grab a bit.

Wolf Tooth Components 8-bit Pack Pliers back side

The back of the tool also holds the spoke/valve core wrench, again held in place with a magnet.

Wolf Tooth Components 8-bit Pack Pliers allen wrench

All of the bits have a 4mm fitting that interfaces with the 4mm socket inside of the 8mm Allen that is fixed to the end of the tool (that also has a magnet inside to hold the bits in place). That 8mm Allen fitting is attached with a swivel head so you can use the tool like an L-wrench for torque, or a straight driver for accessing tight spots and speed. Like many multi tools, there are likely to be a few instances where you may find that the tool doesn’t work. But for the most part, it’s ergonomically pleasing and easy to use.

Wolf Tooth Components 8-bit Pack Pliers angles Wolf Tooth Components 8-bit Pack Pliers breakdown

Thanks to clever optimization of the bits, there are actually 16 different functions for the tool when you include the 8mm Allen wrench, chainlink pliers and storage for a spare master link. All together, the tool weighs just 68g thanks to the 7075-T6 aluminum body that is machined at WTC in Minnesota (and tested to withstand more than 40Nm of torque). The design also makes it super thin and compact, so it’s easy to slip into a jersey pocket or a tool roll.

Wolf Tooth Components 8-bit Pack Pliers open blue

Available in black with multiple colors of chainring bolts for the pivot, the pliers are TBD available now for 69.95.



  1. This is the second tool I’ve seen that has bits nesting inside of bits. The Daysaver (kickstarter) is the other, which I have on order. The main problem with this is reaching the bolt heads, with that shoulder of the plier so close to the work space.

    Really, how often do you need chain pliers? And using that form is a compromise when using the other tools, which a person will be reaching for most of the time.

    My solution is the regular WTC pliers and Fix It sticks – still my favorite.

    • I’m with you. I have the regular WTC pliers in my pack and have never pulled them out. I carry a small multitool with all the allen/torx/phillips heads I need in my pocket or top tube bag. Easy to pull that out to make an adjustment, even with gloves on. Finding pliers and fumbling with little bits seems impractical.

    • The price wasn’t included in the press release, and we often have to write these before the product is live on their web site. And since it was late at night when I wrote this, I had to wait until the morning after it was posted to update the pricing.

  2. IMO, just about every multi-tool with a built-in chain breaker that I’ve used has been a challenge to use in some regard. I much prefer to carry a compact dedicated chain tool like the Park CT-6.3, CT-5 Mini, Topeak Universal Chain tool, etc. You end up with both a multi-tool and a chain tool that are more functional, rather than some combination of both that requires compromises.

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