The new Lazer Sphere road helmet takes what’s good about their higher end G1 helmets and brings it down to a more affordable price point…without giving up the fit and performance features we want.

Available in standard and the Sphere MIPS, it gets a low profile aerodynamic design with plenty of vents. Meaning, you don’t have to sacrifice ventilation and internal airflow to feel fast. The MIPS option keeps the inner liner’s holes equally large, so it won’t block the wind either.

In fact, they designed the vents specifically around the ~15º angle most road cyclists hold their head, maximizing (optimizing?) air flow in the riding position.

lazer sphere mips road bike helmet side front and back view

From a safety standpoint, it has a low, rounded rear end that’ll roll and slide more smoothly should you hit the ground. Inside, it has their cradling Rollsys fit system with an easily accessible spool on the top to cinch it down. Oh, and it’s the 11th helmet of theirs to receive a perfect 5-Star Rating from Virginia Tech (they say that’s more than any other helmet brand).

A newer feature for the brand is an eyewear dock, with specially shaped vents that capture any brand cycling sunglasses that uses straight arms.

lazer sphere mips road bike helmet colors

Retail price is $139.99 for the standard Sphere, and $159.99 for the Sphere MIPS. Available in mid-February direct and in local bike shops. Claimed weight is 290g for a size Medium non-MIPS model.

Color options include Turquoise Blue, Matte Black, Glossy Red, White and Black, and the Pink-to-Purple design shown above. An Aeroshell cover will be available separately for $19.99.


    • What about ’em?…
      Lazer doesn’t utilize visors on their road helmets…
      want a visor… buy one of their mtn helmets, which do have visors

  1. How do Lazer helmets fit? I have a pretty oval head instead of a roundish head and can’t get a secure fit with Giro, LG, and POC (most of these from at least a couple of years ago). I wore Giro for a decade not realizing helmets were supposed to fit well. Pre-MIPS Specialized fit well, but I probably should move on from 2015 helmets.

    • I too have an oval head and get my best fit from Lazer’s rollsys helmets (I have to wear an XL Giro to get it over my crown and forehead). The only way to be sure is to try them on.

      • You’re correct in your advice to try them on, but I have never seen one at any of my local shops. Thank you for your feedback.

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