For several years limited to complete bike sales only, Speedvagen is breaking down the barrier to entry in their SVRC owners club just a tiny bit, with a limited time offer of custom frame sets. Leading the charge is this simple, dark 2021 Speedvagen Riders Club super limited edition frameset, of which only 11 will be made…

Speedvagen offers limited edition SVRC road frame set

2021 Speedvagen SVRC frame set, limited time limited edition custom steel all road framesets, A-Team paint gravel
c. Speedvagen

Shown up top as a classic road bike like the OG, Speedvagen will build your SVRC team bike however you want it, whether that’s road with disc brakes, a full-on all-road gravel racer, or even a cyclocross bike in all likelihood. As with all of their road bikes, the SVRC bike will be built from premium multi-butted & subtly-shaped lightweight steel tubing, featuring an integrated seatmast sized for you, a BSA BB for classic road or T47 bottom bracket paired to flat mounts for disc bikes, plus painted-to-match ENVE carbon seatmast topper & optional stem.

Then, there’s also always the possible upgrade to titanium, as well.

2021 Speedvagen SVRC frame set, limited time limited edition custom steel all road framesets, Ichicho 2020 paint shceme reissue

Ordering a Speedvagen frameset starts with a “non-refundable $1000 deposit” to get the ball rolling with their hands-on custom process. Custom road frames start at around $5000-5500, with the sky being the limit on how much to spend. And, there are always killer complete build options too once that frame set loosens your purse strings…

2021 Speedvagen SVRC frame set, limited time limited edition custom steel all road framesets, Ichicho 2020 paint shceme reissue

Every month Speedvagen promises to launch something new on the 11th. For January it’s these 11 SVRC framesets, which will likely sell out quickly. They aren’t super clear, but other custom paint jobs seem like they will also be on offer for frames, at least for the limited time they continue to offer frame sets in this year’s build slots.


  1. This frame is so ugly, looks like a restored steel frame from 80’s and to make things worse their paint job doesn’t help either. Guys, you definitely need to hire a designer.

    • I’ve been following this company for at least the past 10 years, and I never really understood its allure. The bikes are ugly, heavy, the paintjobs are ghastly and it’s prohibitively expensive. Where I live folks appreciate domestic brands (Commonwealth, Nomad, Firefly, Seven, Geekhouse, etc), but i have never seen those bikes in the wild – only at bike shows. Go figure.

    • steel is real compared to 90s alu and carbon frames, today with hydroforming and complex carbon layups both alu and carbon rides way better than round tube steel frame

      • Ah, you confuse your ride preferences with facts, thus the “rides way better than round tube steel frame” quip. “Rides better” is a subjective measure based on personal preference, not a quantifiable metric or fact.

  2. I respect the bikes Vanilla makes… but I don’t respect the blatant marketing hype (“limited edition”) and even worse the horrible over pricing of product. Gunnar can make you a custom steel from for about $1550, at Waterford where they know as much, if not more, about making steel frames than at Vanilla. I would love to know how Vanilla justifies the exorbitant price.

    • they don’t have to justify it, they just have to appeal to someone silly enough to pay stupid money for an equivalent product that one could easily obtain elsewhere for less than 50% of the cost. I don’t think you’ll find many long-time cyclists convinced by their sales pitch, but others are.

      • For less than HALF the cost of this Vanilla you can get a IF Crown Jewel… custom geometry and paint… You could buy a Strong ti frameset for less…

    • Correct me if I’m wrong, but Sacha White doesn’t even make the Speedvagens. I believe he’s the designer. These were a lower-cost way for the masses to be part of the movement.

  3. Every time there’s a post about this company you guys lose your minds like it’s infringing on you sensibility. Whining about price and this and that when you’re not going to buy one anyway, just so you can flog the dead horse a little more for the sake of….? Pffft, whatever.

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