Ever wondered why your expensive crankset comes with a flimsy plastic preloader? Perhaps not. But, for those of you that have, it may be because you’ve had the misfortune of discovering it snapped at the location where the hex bolt threads in. Now, you can swap it out for a rather more durable CNC-machined aluminium crankset preload adjuster from Kogel.

Kogel Crankset Preload Adjuster

kogel crankset preload adjusters aluminium cnc machined color customizable

Kogel are offering SRAM DUB and 30mm spindle BB users the opportunity to add a little more bling to their bike. Though bling isn’t the main objective here, it is nevertheless a major attraction of this new aluminium crankset preload adjuster.

In addition to the fact that they look quite nice, the more durable aluminium preloaders should give you a little more peace of mind if you’re concerned about the plastic preloader adjuster that came stock on your Race Face, Easton or SRAM crankset. 

Pricing & Availability

kogel crankset preload adjuster preloader adjustment

Aluminium crankset preload adjusters are available direct from Kogel now for SRAM DUB 28.99mm spindles and 30mm spindles. $34.99 gets you the crank preloader, aluminium thread and spacer rings and a 2.5mm titanium hex bolt. You can customize your preloader choosing from five colorways, with a choice of seven different colors of titanium bolt.

Learn more at Kogel.cc

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  1. Speaking of plastic things that should be alloy, can Kogel (or anyone) make me a metal bleed funnel cup for Shimano brake levers?

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