Ever since BASF’s Infinergy expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU) material popped up, a number of companies have been figuring out new ways to use it. From the midsoles of your favorite shoes, to the core of a tennis racket, or as part of a bicycle saddle, the material promises light weight, responsive comfort with excellent damping properties. Ergon is one of those companies and has been including Infinergy foam as part of their Core saddle constructions for a few years – and now it’s coming to mountain bikes.

Ergon SMC Core MTB saddle side OK, technically, Ergon already had a Core saddle aimed towards mountain biking, but for bikes with a motor in the SM E-Mountain Core Prime. The new SMC Core Men’s and Women’s saddles are built with a slightly different shape and construction, specifically tailored towards the needs of human powered mountain bikers looking for increased comfort.

Ergon SMC Core MTB saddle diagonal

Utilizing their Core and TwinShell technology, the saddles layer BASF Infinergy between two shells made from nylon composite. Then Ergon’s orthopedic comfort foam is layered on top with a microfiber cover. The layered TwinShell design allows for the saddle to rotate along with your pelvis which is said to reduce pressure on your sit bones and genital area.

Ergon SMC Core MTB saddle top Ergon SMC Core MTB saddle topOffered in men’s and women’s designs, each are also available in S/M for sit-bone widths of 9-12cm, and M/L for sit bone widths of 12-16cm. Both saddles include 7×7 CroMo rails, and carry a 220lb rider weight limit with prices set at $149.95.



  1. Gaz on

    Saddle reviews are the most pointless subjective articles someone could ever write. Buying a saddle has always and will always be a shot in the dark, no ifs, no buts.

  2. Byeker on

    Unfortunately a hard pass for me. A saddle targeted at MTB/Offroad market shouldn’t have a cup in the center to capture water/mud/debris that comes off the rear tire. And GAZ nailed it, saddle reviews about comfort are absolutely useless for such a long list of reasons however the tech is cool to know about. Now put a hole in the middle so I don’t have to sit in a wet/muddy spot while trail riding please?


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