When none other than Harley Davidson launches an e-bike brand, we have to wonder how they’re going to complete? What’s makes Serial 1 unique, and how will they translate the Hog culture into pedal-assist bicycles?

Yes, they raised a few eyebrows when they announced they were launching an electric bike brand, but one look at the designs shows they’ve done their homework.

In this episode we’ll talk about how Serial 1 president Jason Huntsman’s aerospace experience working on the space shuttle, and his e-mobility efforts at Ford, led him to Harley Davidson, and now, leading their e-bike efforts at Serial 1.

serial one e-bikes from harley davidson

It’s an interesting look at how they see the market, how and why bicycles fit into their motorcycle business, and some of the unique features and designs they’ve used to create a bike lineup that should hold its own on the streets.

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