BBInfinite have finally brought their ultra-smooth ultra-durable one-piece bottom bracket technology to the T47 standard. Most modern road frames stand to benefit from the addition, with fitments for 30mm spindle, DUB, GXP, Praxis M30, and Shimano HollowTech2 crank systems. 

BBInfinite T47 BB

bbinfinite t47 external gxp road bottom bracket
Haven’t the foggiest what a T47 BB is? Tyler explains here.

The new range of T47 bottom brackets from BBInfinite feature the very same technology we see on their famously creak-free pressfit bottom bracket designs (check out Tyler’s review here). Both the internal and external T47 variants boast continuous tube structures end-to-end, ensuring perfect, coaxial bearing alignment.

bbinfinite t47 internal dub bb road available for trek 86.5 bbcorrect frames
Tyler learns how BBInfinite make their one-piece BBs at the company’s HQ in Arkansas – check out the Factory Tour

Thus, when it comes to BBInfinite, the creak-free silent advantage of the T47 BB over a PressFit BB doesn’t apply. The brand already solved creaking problems with the one-piece PressFit design.

The only advantage that threads bring to the table in this case is this… With PressFit, the bearings are subjected to radial compression, especially with very tight-fitting bottom brackets. The play inherent in any threaded fitment means the bearings inside the tube structure won’t be subject to imperfections on the inner diameter of a frame’s BB shell. Infinite gives us a nice visual of that concept in this video.

All BBInfinite T47 bottom brackets will be very familiar to anyone who ever installed a cartridge system like an ISIS or square taper BB. They run a threaded assembly that all goes in from one side and is stabilized and secured by a polymer ring that threads in from the other.

t47 internal bbinfinite 30mm road bottom bracketEach fully assembled, ready-to-install bottom bracket module ships with the necessary parts, special socket, and hardware to get the job done. There are no adapters or shims to mess around with.

You simply install the BB, then the crank, and you’re done. Fitments for every crank system (except for Campagnolo) can be had in 86.5mm internal, Trek’s 85.5mm internal, Factor’s BBcorrect, and in 68mm-width external versions.

Pricing & Availability

BBInfinite offer T47 in three bearing choices: ABEC-7 steel, their hybrid Ceramitech, or their WS2 (Tungsten Disulfide) coated Ceramitech option. The ABEC-7 steel option is the cheapest at $200. The hybrid Ceramitech option will set you back $255 whereas the WS2-treated Ceramitech BB retails at a lofty $325.


  1. I have the BBInfinite T47 on my Sram Red AXS Domane SLR7. Their 1-piece T47 has actually been out for awhile. I had a lot of problems with my Treks with BB90 (I love Trek!) until I started using BBInfinite’s kits. Yeah, their kits fixed my BB90 problems, but regardless I’m very glad Trek went to T47 and stopped using BB90. The BBInfinite T47 is super high quality. The spin performance blows away the stock bottom bracket (leaving brand name out…cough, cough SRAM…). What I noticed the most was how smooth it made the pedal stroke. It made everything feel a lot more solid. Anyway, just my $.02 worth. Super happy. I got their WS2 coated bearings, BTW.

  2. I recall reading on their web site how BBinfinite felt sorry for T47, that it was a bad, sad idea, doomed to failure and would never catch on. Ha ha ha!

    • T47 wasn’t a bad idea, it was an unnecessary idea to us at the time because we felt then, and still do, that the 1pc design BB solved all the problems associated with pressfit (other than over-compression due to out of spec frames). Adding threads seemed like a regressive move. But the more we thought about it we realized that the T47 format was perfect for our 1pc design. It’s like this in life: You can never evolve in your thinking or you can grow and reevaluate things and realize new opportunities to make an impact. We chose to evolve our thinking. But T47 was dead in the water except for small time makers, and when Specialized went back to English threaded around 2018 rather than using t47 we were looking pretty dead on in our assessment of T47’s future. But then Trek picked it up and ran with it, and so we did too. And man, are we glad we did. Thank you Chris King. Something old can be something new.

  3. I had super high hopes for my BBInfinite BB, but I have to admit….mine has creaked ever since it went in to my MTB. Still trying to figure out how its possible…

    • It’s probably something else that’s creaking, bro. I installed a BBInfinite, still had creaking, then I emailed them to bitch and they helped me located the problem. I thought they were kinda full of shit, trying to deflect, but when it came down to it it was the freehub all along. The bb spins great. No noise. I should’ve checked the bike out before I ordered. I’m glad i did. The bb is good, but I should’ve looked for the creak rather than assuming it had to be the bb all along. Oh well….

    • Direct mount chainring? Full suspension? Fox Fork? Dropper Post? Pedals? I’ve seen literally everything possible called a creaky BB and it’s only a creaky BB about 1/3 the time. Direct mount chainrings are assumed to be creaky BBs almost every time. I’ve had customers buy high end BBInfinite, Praxis and Wheels Manufacturing units, have them installed and come back since we didn’t fix their creaky BB, it’s almost always the direct mount chainring. I had a customer attempt to berate a young mechanic about the bottom bracket he didn’t fix, I tightened his front wheel skewer, the creak disappeared, and then I had him apologize to the mechanic. Did you install it yourself? Did you check everything around it? Has everything been greased or threadlocked as necessary? Is your frame cracked? Have you checked all your suspension pivots? I’ve even seen pedal cleats make noises that are reminiscent of a BB issue.

  4. “very familiar to anyone who ever installed a cartridge system like an ISIS or square taper BB” – is this supposed to be a positive? Cartridge system BBs sucked compared to what came before, and what came after. Smaller bearings and narrower bearing stance compared to either loose ball cup & cone or external BB, and either tons of seal drag or bearings that are toast in only a few months.
    Give me a frame with a bottom bracket that is built correctly (concentric ends of correct diameter on parallel planes) and none of these ‘bottom bracket inside a bottom bracket’ fudges are necessary.

    • Bro, Campy square taper bb’s were cartridge setups, and they’re the best thing I’ve ever seen. You’re high if you think anything can top that kind of BB.

    • The problem is that it’s really difficult to mold a frame to the BB spec’s you mention, and almost impossible for the average wrench to measure. I’ll sacrifice 100 grams to be confident that the BB is correctly made and not have to deal with a bunch of issues after being built.

    • Dylan, my wife has a Shimano UN-52 square taper cartridge BB that has withstood 18 years of year-round commuting in the Midwest. It is rusted into the frame, but still spinning smooth. We have decided we will have to retire the frame when the BB goes, but that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon! I had a UN-72 that lasted 5 years on my primary MTB until I “upgraded” and replaced it, and then it lived on on my commuter bike until I sold it.

      Those old square taper BB’s (Shimano and Campy) had skinny spindles and big bearings. The shell diameter should evolve along side the spindle diameter. Trying to squeeze a big spindle in and therefore using small bearings is why ISIS failed. And that is why we need T47 today.

  5. You misunderstood. It just refers to how the whole thing is installed and secured in a threaded T47 shell.

    The actual bearings on both sides are inside one single cylinder or module (which BBinfinite does already), which uses one of the threads in the T47 shell (this is the main change from their PressFit models). Because of this design, you are eliminating the radial and axial misalignment you would have had if the bearings were in two separate cups. In this sense nothing has changed from their PressFit bottom brackets; they’ve just had threads machined into them to fit the T47 shell.

    The other set of threads in the shell has nothing to do with the bearings. A cap just threads into them to secure the whole thing.

  6. Isn’t this just an threaded bottom bracket which we all deemed to be the best, most creak free option, just oversized? Although I don’t have a bike compatible with a T47 BB, this sound like a great idea.

  7. Stop saying fitment when you actually want to say fit. Fitment as a word doesn’t mean what you’re trying to say here. There’s a perfectly good word in fit and it uses fewer letters.

  8. I hope you apologized to them, because that is the epitome of rude customer behavior that makes good mechanics/staff leave our industry. I bet they replied calmly and nicely and were happy to help you, even though you were being an ass. Shame on you

  9. Esta caja se podría poner en un cuadro con rosca , para poder usar unas palancas BB30 seguramente, ojalá sea así, tengo unas truvativ carbono y no las puedo poner por que mi cuadro es a roscas .

  10. Gary, I appreciated your perspective and willingness to enguage. But I still have to laugh. You were not the only one predicting doom and gloom for T47.

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