Need a tire that rides like a performance road bike tire but holds up to long base miles and crappy surfaces? The new Pirelli P7 Sport borrows their Pro rubber compound and a tread pattern inspired by the top-level P ZERO Race(TLR & SL TLR), then adds protective casing layers underneath.

Basically, it’s the training tire you want to use so you don’t wear out your more expensive, lighter racing tires in the off-season, or just anyone still running tubes that wants a solid performer.

pirelli p7 sport all season road bike tire puncture proof casings layers cutaway

The P7 Sport uses a solid 60 TPI nylon casing with an additional layer of cut-resistant fabric located just below the tread, called TechBELT, to offer “superior puncture protection” in a wide variety of conditions.

pirelli p7 sport all season road bike tire

The tread design is similar to the P ZERO Race,but with more sipes to improve traction in colder temperatures and wetter conditions. Meaning, it’s more of an all-season road bike tire. Available in 24, 26, 28 and 32 millimeter widths, it’s tube-type only (as in, not Tubeless Ready). Prices start from $34.90 / €24,90 / AUS $39.99.

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