Better protection is here for the latest FOX 36 & 38 forks thanks to the new XL Mudguard. Extending the seal & stanchion protection of their standard short mudguard, the new XL offers 85% more coverage for those who ride in wetter, muddier condition, still with the same clean no-zip-tie setup.

FOX XL Mudguard extends protection for MY21+ 36 & 38 MTB forks

FOX XL Mudguard extends protection for 36 38 MTB forks, side profile

There are plenty of simple, low-cost & effective strap-on fork fender solutions to keep dirt & mud off of your fork’s seals and often also out of your eyes. But it’s hard to beat the clean-looking, well-executed setup of the fender made by the fork manufacture, just for your fork. Now, this new FOX XL Mudguard delivers a perfectly integrated, extended fender for the model year 2021 & newer FOX 36 & 38 trail, all-mountain & enduro mountain bike forks.

FOX XL Mudguard extends protection for 36 38 MTB forks, angled

A good mudguard will help your seals last long and keep your fork sliding smoother between regular service intervals. And now this one increases coverage upfront, extends it out back, and adds material around the fork arch for increased seal & stanchion protection.

FOX XL Mudguard extends protection for 36 38 MTB forks, riding dirty

With the same clean 2-bolt mounting with clips around the bleed ports for extra support like the original short mudguard, the new XL keeps max tire clearances of 29×2.5″ or 27.5×2.7″. The new FOX XL Mudguard for the 36 & 38  sells for $25, just like the XL for the 40 DH fork.


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