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2023 Orbea Rise 16kg eBike debuts 12s Shimano Di2 XT

2023 orbea rise 140mm travel emtb 15.94 kg
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The category-defining Orbea Rise eMTB has been updated for 2023, now driven by the Shimano EP801 RS Motor. This super lightweight eBike is now lighter than ever; while travel and geometry remain unchanged, a revised link and new 360 Wh battery bring the weight down to an astounding 15.94 kg (35.14 lbs) in a size medium.

Today, the Basque Country brand has announced seven new models; four carbon and three hydroformed aluminum, with pricing ranging from $5,299 USD to $11,499 USD. Among them is the Rise M-TEAM, the first eMTB to boast Shimano’s 12 Speed XT Di2 drivetrain. Here’s everything you need to know.

2023 orbea rise emtb m-ltd model

2023 Orbea Rise eMTB

The big news for Orbea’s 2023 Rise models is their use of the new Shimano EP801 RS Motor, and its heavier EP600 RS counterpart. These share the very same hardware as the regular EP801 and EP600 motors, but are tuned specifically to Orbea’s exacting requirements, in line with their “Rider Synergy” concept. Within Orbea’s distillation of “the most natural-feeling eBike on the market” is the RS motors wherein the maximum torque is limited to just 60Nm, as opposed to the regular 85Nm.

2023 orbea rise emtb frame details super lightweight ebike

  • Intention: Mountain Biking
  • Fork Travel: 150mm (or 140mm)
  • Rear Wheel Travel: 140mm
  • Wheel Size: 29″
  • Frame Material: OMR Carbon or Hydroformed Aluminum
  • Motor: Shimano EP801 RS or EP600 RS
  • Battery: 360 Wh or 540 Wh
  • Range Extender: 252 Wh
  • Sizes: S-XL
  • Weight: 15.94 kg (M-LTD in Size MD)
  • Price: $11,499 USD
2023 orbea rise shimano ep801 rs motor 60nm torque
The Shimano EP801 RS has a freewheel in the crankset that allows use of Shimano’s 12s Di2 XT electronic drivetrain on the $9,999 USD Orbea Rise M-Team Model

The 2.7 kg EP801 with its magnesium casing is seen on all four carbon models and the top-end alloy model, while the 3 kg EP600 motor with its heavier aluminum casing is seen only on the two entry-level alloy models. The new motors allow for use of Shimano’s new 12 Speed Di2 XT drivetrain on the M-Team model… more on that below.

2023 orbea rise 360wh battery 21700 cells
Orbea’s new 360 Wh battery has 21,700 cells that are said to offer a better charge and discharge ratio, and improved heat management.

The 2023 Orbea Rise remains unchanged on sizing, geometry and kinematic, so why is it so much lighter than its predecessor? The answer lies primarily in the new 360 Wh battery. It weighs a claimed 1.8 kg – 300g lighter than the battery it replaces. It is also more compact, and the anchor points are integrated into the battery itself, helping to shave a few grams.

2023 orbea rise emtb new stiffer lighter weight link
The new link can now accomodate Orbea’s FLP 4-key multitool that is held in position by magnets

The rest of the weight savings were made at the link. For 2023, the Orbea Rise delivers its 140mm of rear wheel travel via the same suspension linkage, but for this model year the link and shock yoke are completely redesigned to increased rigidity and reduce weight. All in all, the changes made have brought the weight (claimed) of a Size MD Carbon Rise frame down to an impressive 2.2 kg.

2023 orbea rise carbon medium m-ltd 360wh battery 140mm fox 34 fork actual weight 15.94 kg
The 2023 Orbea Rise M-LTD in a Size MD with a 140mm Fox 34 Fork and 360 Wh battery weighs in at 15.94 kg

2023 orbea rise emtb charging port 4a

Using Orbea’s MyO customization tool, customers can choose between the new 360 Wh battery or the 540 Wh battery, depending on their preference for a natural ride feel or maximum range. The default for the Carbon models is the 360 Wh battery, while the default for the Hydro models is the 540 Wh battery. Both are also compatible with the 252 Wh range extender that takes the place of a water bottle, bringing the capacity of the 2023 Orbea Rise Carbon and Hydro models up to a maximum of 792 Wh.

2023 orbea rise smart charger
The new 360 Wh battery is charged at 4A via Orbea’s new Smart Charger – it also charges the Range Extender at 2A

To be clear, the 2023 Orbea Rise Hydro frames are identical to their 2022 counterparts; the only upgrade here is the EP600 RS motor. The new 360 Wh battery announced today is in fact backwards compatible with the 2022 Rise Hydro models and their previous generation motor systems (EP800), so a good chunk (but not all) of the weight savings are available to current owners too if they wish to upgrade their battery and sacrifice range.

2023 orbea rise shimano ep801 rs motor en600 wireless control

The move to Shimano’s EP801 and EP600 systems means an upgrade to the improved EN600 Wireless Control. This brings together the Power Button, the Motor Assistance Controls and the LEDs that indicate battery life, all in one discrete location. This has many advantages over the previous arrangement on the 2021 Rise wherein the smaller E7000 Controller was connected to the LED-hosting E-Tube Junction Box mounted on the brake hose, and the Power Button was nestled into a recess on the seat tube.

The absence of the latter on the 2023 models means the seat posts now offer more insertion length for any potential aftermarket upgrade to a longer travel dropper seat post.

2023 orbea rise emtb garmin rs iq app computer mount atop stem

So, where is the display?

Well, there isn’t one. However, the new Rise will continue to use the RS Garmin IQ App developed by Orbea. The App allows riders to display all the usual data such as battery life and assistance mode on their chosen Garmin device.

2023 orbea rise sic headset cable routing spin block steering limiter
Click here to see cut-away images of the SIC Headset Internal Cable Routing and Spin Block Steerer Limiter

The 2023 Rise isn’t immune to the internal headset cable routing that is sweeping through the industry. It too gets Orbea’s SIC System that was rolled out on the Orbea Oiz and Orbea Wild earlier this year. With this set up, you’ll only need to cut cables and re-bleed the rear brake if you’re replacing headset bearings though, not if you simply want to swap out the stem, or alter the ride height. The SIC System incorporates Orbea’s Spin Block steering limiter, there to prevent your cockpit controls colliding with the top tube when you hit the deck. I had the misfortune of testing it out for real when I tested the Orbea Oiz earlier this year.

2023 orbea rise m-team emtb shimano di2 electronic shifting ep801 ebike motor
The M-Team will have Shimano’s 12 Speed Di2 XT Drivetrain, not the XTR shown here

Orbea Rise M-TEAM with 12 speed Hyperglide+ XT Di2

Want to shift while coasting? Want your drivetrain to shift for you while coasting? If so, you might want to take a closer look at the 2023 Orbea Rise M-Team. It debuts Shimano’s 12 Speed Di2 XT drivetrain, the long-awaited electronic group that is currently eBike specific. It is powered by the battery of the eBike itself, thus cannot yet be set up on a regular mountain bike. 

shimano deore xt di2 derailleur

Advantages of the Shimano XT Di2 drivetrain go way beyond those of basic electronic shifting. There are three modes:

  • Full Manual Shifting

Catchy, right?

The FREE SHIFT mode allows you to shift while coasting (i.e. not pedalling), while the AUTOSHIFT WITH MANUAL OVERRIDE mode enables the drivetrain to shift on your behalf while coasting only. Of course, the option to shift manually is always there, no matter what mode you’re in. We covered this in more detail previously, so head to our tech piece if your interest is piqued.

2023 Orbea Rise Geometry

2023 orbea rise ebike action shot

Back to the eBike in question…

To reiterate, the geometry of the 2023 Orbea Rise Carbon and 2023 Orbea Rise Hydro is identical, and no different to that of their respective predecessors. However, I drop it here for the sake of completeness, and for the sake of having everything you need to know all in one place.

2023 orbea rise geometry hydro carbon frames

There are four sizes to choose from; S, M L and XL, sporting reach figures of 425mm, 450mm, 474mm and 500mm, respectively. There is no flip-chip for geometry adjustment; the reason you see two angles quoted for the head and seat tube angles is to account for the 140mm (steeper) and 150mm (slacker) fork options available across all models.

The Small bikes come with a 125mm dropper, the Medium and Large with a 150mm dropper, and the XL gets a 170mm dropper. It looks like the XL frames probably have sufficient insertion for a 200mm dropper, though, as you can upgrade to the 200mm OC Mountain Control MC20 Dropper in the MyO Configurator.

Pricing & Availability

The 2023 Orbea Rise Carbon and Hydro Models announced today will be available by the end of 2022 – you can keep an eye out for availability and, when the time comes, reserve a bike through Orbea’s Rider Connect Tool

2023 Orbea USD EURO GBP
Rise Carbon      
M-LTD 11,499 10,999 9,999
M-TEAM 9,999 9,999 9,299
M10 8,599 8,599 7,999
M20 6,999 6,999 6,499
Rise Hydro      
H10 6,599 6,599 6,299
H20 5,999 5,999 5,499
H30 5,299 5,299 4,999

2023 Rise Carbon

The Rise M-LTD gets a 140mm travel Fox 34 Float Factory Fork, as opposed to a 150mm Fox 36, as standard. That, and its Maxxis Rekon 2.4″ EXO tires are surely helping to keep its weight under the 16kg mark. That said, in the MyO configurator, one can upgrade to the longer fork option, and choose between a Maxxis Dissector /Rekon pairing, a Maxxis Minion DHF/DHR pairing, or a Maxxis Assegai/DHR pairing, of which the latter combinations seem far more appropriate the bike’s intentions.

2023 orbea rise m-ltd
The 2023 Orbea Rise M-LTD retails at $11,499 USD

It gets a Fox Float DPS Factory shock, Shimano 12s XTR Group with the M9100 2-Piston brakes (4-piston M9120 brakes are available) Oquo’s Mountain Performance MP30LTD Carbon Wheelset and a Fox Transfer SL Factory Dropper.

2023 orbea rise m-team
The 2023 Orbea Rise M-Team retails at $9,999 USD – it will have Shimano’s 12 Speed Di2 XT Drivetrain, not the XTR shown here

The Rise M-Team is decked out with a 150mm Fox 36 Factory Fork with GRIP2 Damper, a Fox Float X Factory Shock, Shimano’s 12s Di2 XT electronic drivetrain, 4-piston M8120 brakes, Oquo Mountain Control MC32LTD Carbon Wheelset and Fox Transfer Factory Dropper.

2023 orbea rise m10
The 2023 Orbea Rise M10 retails at $8,599 USD 

The Rise M10 is built up with a 150mm Fox 36 Factory Fork with GRIP2 Damper, a Fox Float X Factory Shock, Shimano’s XT 12s drivetrain, MT6210 brakes, Oquo MC32 Team Aluminum Wheelset and an OC Mountain Control MC20 dropper seat post.

2023 orbea rise m20
The 2023 Orbea Rise M20 retails at $6,999 USD

The Rise M20 is complete with a 140mm Fox 34 Float Performance Fork, a Fox Float DPS Performance Shock, a Shimano SLX 12s drivetrain, Shimano Deore M6100 2-piston brakes, Race Face AR 30c wheelset and an OC Mountain Control MC20 dropper seat post.

2023 Rise Hydro

The 2023 Orbea Rise H10 retails at $6,599 USD

The Rise H10 tops the Hydro range; it is the only one of the hydroformed aluminum models to boast the Shimano EP801 RS motor. It is bedecked with a 150mm Fox Float Performance fork, a Fox Float X Performance Shock, a Shimano XT/SLX 12s drivetrain, MT6120 brakes, the Oquo MC32 Team Aluminum Wheelset and OC Mountain Control MC20 dropper seat post.

2023 orbea rise h20
The 2023 Orbea Rise H20 retails at $5,999 USD

The Rise H20 gets the Shimano EP600 RS motor, and sports a 140mm Fox 34 Float Performance Fork, a Fox Float DPS Performance Shock, a Shimano XT/SLX 12s drivetrain, MT6120 brakes, a Race Face AR30c aluminum wheelset and OC Mountain Control MC20 dropper seat post.

2023 orbea rise h30
The 2023 Orbea Rise H30 retails at $5,299 USD

The entry-level Rise H30 is also kitted out with the heavier EP600 RS motor, and is finished with a 140mm Marzocchi Bomber Z2 Fork, a Fox Float DPS Performance Shock, a Shimano Deore 12s drivetrain, MT410 brakes, a unnamed aluminum wheelset and an OC Mountain Control MC20 dropper seat post.


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1 year ago

You tell us to take a closer look at the M-TEAM model but the photos you have don’t even have the new XT Di2.

Jessie-May Morgan
Jessie-May Morgan
1 year ago
Reply to  Seraph

They’re coming!

Deputy Dawg
Deputy Dawg
1 year ago

Overall, this seems to blow the new Scott Lumen out of the water, in terms of weight, price and power.

1 year ago
Reply to  Deputy Dawg

If I’m reading the articles correctly, the Lumen is still lighter by a bit.

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