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Rockshox Super Deluxe Air & Vivid Coil Shocks Get More Reactive Compression Damping

2025 rockshox super deluxe air spring mountain bike shock shown on a bike.
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Just like the new Charger 3.1 dampers for their forks, the 2025 Rockshox Super Deluxe and Vivid Coil shocks get updated compression damping circuits for more tunability and control. But they do it in different ways…

2025 Rockshox Super Deluxe

cutaway internal view of new damping circuit for 2025 rockshox super deluxe.

The new Super Deluxe damping circuit and adjustments mirror the forks’ Charger 3.1 updates. The oil flow path through the low-speed compression circuit is more open, allowing more flow for less overall damping.

This makes it smoother and faster on little stuff, but with an increased adjustment range so you can tune it to match the fork…and your terrain and riding style. Each click has a more dramatic effect on suspension performance, so it’s easier to tell what’s changed. Pair it with the forks to keep front and rear feeling similar, and use their Trailhead app to get things dialed.

A lighter rebound shim speeds up the transition from compression to rebound, so the shock can switch directions more quickly. Translation: Fewer hangups in technical terrain.

2025 rockshox super deluxe air spring mountain bike shock.

The Super Deluxe Ultimate gets all this with the RC2T version with external LSR, HSC, and LSC, plus a “Threshold” lockout lever to firm things up for climbing. An optional Hydraulic Bottom Out helps slow things down in the last 20% of travel to prevent harsh bottom outs, which is handy for bikes with out much of a ramp at the end of their travel.

MSRP is $599-$629, claimed weight is 458g. Various Select+, Select, and base models also available for OE, so you may find some without the external compression adjustments coming on bikes. But the Ultimate version is the only one available aftermarket.

Upgrades & mods galore

2025 rockshox super deluxe upgrade parts.

Want to tune it further? Or upgrade your existing 2023+ Super Deluxe? You’ve got options. For existing Super Deluxe owners, you can get the new higher-flow compression circuit (plus a required shim kit) to give your shock the softer compression damping. The RC2T external reservoir with the damping adjustments doesn’t change, so as long as your shock has that, you’re good to go.

But if it doesn’t, you can add that, too with the RC2T Ultimate Reservoir Upgrade ($230), which also fits Super Deluxe Coil, and Vivid Air and Coil shocks, too.

The new DebonAir+ Linear XL air canister ($97) gets it closer than ever to the feel of a coil shock, with a larger positive air volume that’s more supple at the beginning of travel. Here’s how it compares to the other two air can options:

air spring ratio curve chart for new rockshox super deluxe larger air can.

And it fits up to eight bottomless tokens for a wide range of adjustability. The only fitment limitation is that the Linear XL air can won’t fit on Flight Attendant-equipped Super Deluxe rear shocks.

2025 Rockshox Vivid Coil

2025 rockshox vivid coil shock shown on a bike

The 2025 Vivid Coil gets a new position-sensitive damping system called TouchDown. It’s more sensitive at the beginning of the stroke to handle the small stuff, then more supportive through the middle and end. And adjustable HBO (hydraulic bottom out) lets you fine tune the amount of anti-bottom out support it has in the last 20% of its travel.

It does this by bypassing the compression damping altogether for the first 10% of its travel. This is basically used up when you’re at sag, but when you’re ripping through rough terrain and the rear suspension is getting full extension, it’s helping that first bit take full advantage of a coil shock’s inherent sensitivity.

The next 70% of your travel is controlled like normal with proper (and adjustable on some models) compression damping, then the last 20% gets the added support of the adjustable bottom out damping.

On the outside, a new stroke-dependent coil bottom out bumper softens the blow when you do reach full compression, but won’t prevent you from getting there.

It’s available in two versions, Vivid Ultimate RC2T (regular) and Vivid Ultimate DH RC2, the latter losing the Threshold lockout lever because you’re not pedaling your DH bike up anything. Springs are available in black or red ($39) in weights from 350lbs to 900lbs in all strokes and lengths, and all coils fit the Vivid, Deluxe, and Super Deluxe coil shocks.


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