Alchemy teases new lighter AU bike line, adds two new Arktos MTB colors

While we were out in Golden, Colorado, the focus was mostly on Alchemy Bikes’ new headquarters and their new DARE: Golden Experience. But there was another golden bit of news from Alchemy–a new halo line of lightweight bikes.

Alchemy AU titanium bike

Named the AU line for the atomic symbol of gold, the name draws inspiration from both the Alchemy name and their new home of Golden, Colorado. This new line of bikes will feature lighter-weight versions of current models, and will only be offered with premium build kits. In the case of the Argos AU titanium hardtail shown above, Alchemy is aiming for a 3lb weight savings off the complete bike. Of that 3lbs, 25-30% of the weight savings will come from changes to the frame itself.

Alchemy carbon tubes for AU frames

Standard top tube on the left, new AU top tube on the right.

Weight savings will come from different construction methods from utilizing different butted titanium tubes to changes in the carbon layup. On bikes like the Rogue, weight savings in the carbon construction will come from places like the reinforcement for braze-ons. Instead of using one large sheet of woven reinforcement, two smaller pieces will be used right at the bolt locations. This is lighter but more complicated to layup, which is why the standard model uses one sheet.

Alchemy tells us that the goal for the Rogue AU is a sub-15lb build for the complete bike. To get there, they’ll also need to utilize higher modulus carbon fiber which will yield a slightly stiffer frame, but Alchemy feels that larger volume gravel tires can compensate for some harshness.

It’s worth noting that Alchemy currently builds some carbon models in-house in Colorado, while the Arktos line is made in Taiwan. However, all of the AU line will be made in Colorado. That will include the new Arktos AU, which will only be offered in a 120mm travel option.

Full details on the AU line are yet to come.

Alchemy Arktos blood orange tungsten limited edition

Alchemy Arktos blood orange grey

New Colors for Arktos

The other news for Alchemy comes in the form of two new colors for the Arktos full suspension mountain bike. Among those two colors is the Limited Edition Blood Orange and Tungsten which will be offered in just 100 or so bikes. Alchemy will offer these builds in SRAM GX and X01, as well as Shimano XT, builds, and there’s an Industry Nine carbon wheel upgrade option. Like all current Arktos models, the same frame can be run as 120, 135, or 150mm rear travel and can be swapped to other travels with an Arktos Conversion kit.

Alchemy Arktos matte grey gold

The Arktos will also be offered in this Lunar Grey and Astro Gold with a full matte finish. Pricing for either color starts at $5,499.99, and both will be eligible for the DARE: Golden experience.

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“miter and fit up” kind words indeed