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April 1st Round-Up: White Ind electrified, Timbuk2’s tiny mess bag, Rudy Projects defies gravity, WTB unleashes ultra-capable TerraAssassin plus enduro

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White Industries goes electric with their new drivetrain. Rudy Projects releases anti-gravity helmet. WTB rolls out their new TerraAssassin in 3.0in, claiming plus size tires are the solution “to riding slop without any flop.” Timbuk2 rolls out mess-swag for your toddler. Get it all in this very special April 1st Round-up!



Is your toddler already rocking some sweet Big Bird ink? Is it clear already that they’re doomed to a life of picks and drops as a professional bike messenger?

Come to peace with it (might as well, right?). Resign yourself to supporting their fate by snagging this sweet mini-messenger bag.


Available now online for MSRP $9, it features most of the amenities of the full size version. Designed to fit crayons, cookies, and a flask of apple juice. Get yours today!


White Industries


After months of rumor, White Industries has finally rolled out first teaser images of their new wireless drive train, the first electric drivetrain made in the US. No specs or release date have been specified at this time.

Go to White Industries’ website for more information as it becomes available.


WTB TerraAssassin


The TerraAssassin was designed for “long days ripping soaked trails where plus-size benefits keep trails intact.”

The design was inspired by Jason Moeschler’s experience in using the Warden 2.3×27.5 to battled the “oppressive mud” on day one of the Dirty Sanchez Enduro. “Sure, the Warden 2.3 hooked up like Velcro, but I still found myself wanting more… In that moment, it was immediately clear the higher volume, greater contact patch and increased compliance of plus-size tires were the solution to riding slop without any flop. In hindsight, we’ve realized we designed our tires in expectation of a 15-year drought, but we simply can’t count on it. We feel the plus-size mud spike has filled the final hole in our line of tires. The confidence it inspires on loose, muddy courses has even left me considering getting back into racing.”

The TerraAssassin’s other features include WTB’s Dual Compound DNA rubber (firmer rubber on the center tread with softer rubber on the outside) and sealant-optimized Lightweight Casing. The tires are available and shipping now at sub 1300g for MSRP $74.95.

From WTB:

While the TerraAssassin will be available TCStubeless as an OEM model, it will only be available aftermarket with a wire bead, asriders who choose the TerraAssassin will likely choose to run tube as well.TerraAssassin 3.0 27.5” TCS Light: High Grip tires are currently available and shippingfrom WTB, though the unseasonable amount of local precipitation will likely leave thembackordered until La Nina settles upon the West Coast



Rudy Projects introduces the new Wing57 Anti-Grav helmet to help you break records and tear the very fabric of the space time continuum.

From Devin Johnson, Director of Public Relations for Rudy Project, North America:

“Knitting superstrings together into a new fabric of space-time may seem dangerous, but that kind of mad-scientist risk is sometimes what it takes control another force of nature and advance athletic performance. This monumental development came after testing warp-engine designs at our top-secret Nevada laboratory. We were looking to give our cadre of pros faster-than-light speed on the bike, but ended up making them lighter instead.”

This new helmet technically comes in at just over 300g. Technically. Engineers and physicists at Rudy accomplished this by injecting gravity repelling particles into the helmet resulting in a net weight of the helmet on the earth’s surface of 20g.

From President and Co-founder of Rudy Project North America, Paul Craig:

“We don’t believe this technically breaks any official race rules yet, but it could pose an interesting discussion if we see athletes wearing multiple helmets on the course. The consequences of our research won’t be fully understood for some time to come, but at the end of the day, we’re just looking to elevate the performance of all athletes. In this case, literally, into the air.”

While the Wing57 Anti-Grav helmet was anticipated to be available for the American public for April 1st, Rudy anticipates delays in delivery as the first container of product accidentally flew away in transport.


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8 years ago

9 bux for that mini messenger isn’t bad. Get on it Timbuk2!

8 years ago

Also, who in their right mind would have an actual product release on April 1st? That’s a pretty short-sighted decision (I’m looking at you – DT Swiss)

8 years ago
Reply to  boom

You could probably count Shimano in.
Last year they released Tiagra 4700 on March 31/April 1. This year they released Tiagra-level hydraulic disc brakes on the same day.

8 years ago

still waiting until that new metric suspension system is announced as April fools

8 years ago

Damn I actually really liked the look of that big mud spike. Ahh well

8 years ago
Reply to  Madm3chanic

Go back to 26 and get an old WTB Timberwolf.

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