Aribike Builds Single Ring Spiders for Rotor Rex Cranks

rotor rex 2 rex 3 crank 1x spider ari bike (2)

As more and more riders move to join the 1x crowd, they might find themselves with a crank that doesn’t play nice with single rings. They also might run into spiders with odd BCDs and limited options when it comes to replacement rings. Fortunately, many cranks these days are also moving to modular designs with removable spiders. This allows the crank to change with the times and also allows companies like Ari Corone to step in with their own options for other cranks.

Among a number of cassette adapters, chainrings, spiders, and more, Ari Corone is now offering a new set of spiders for Rotor Rex Cranks. Meant for 1x applications, the spiders will fit Rex 1, 2, and 3 cranks and rings from Rotor or those with a 76mm asymmetric BCD…

rotor rex 2 rex 3 crank 1x spider ari bike (3)

Two different spiders will be offered – the Rotor specific 76mm BCD, and the SRAM Specific 76mm BCD. The two are not interchangeable due to the positioning of the chainring bolts. Really meant for the 2 and 3x Rex cranksets, Ari points out that they could also be used for the Rex 1 crank to alter the chainline since two different chainline options will be available. One will stick with the stock Rotor chainline, and the other will move the chainline inboard which is more important for the 2x and 3x cranks. The narrower chainline spider is not recommended for chainrings bigger than 34t. All of the individual spiders will retail for €80 and available in a full range of colors.

rotor rex 2 rex 3 crank 1x spider ari bike (1)

Aribike also offers a Rotor spider removal tool that will work with Rex 1, 2, 3, 3D, 3D+, and Power cranksets. The tool will sell for €55.


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6 years ago

They need to make direct mount chainrings, too!

6 years ago

need to make direct mount chainrings