While Lance Armstrong plays in the Tour de France, Dave Wiens is putting in some miles in the Alps, too.

Bad weather has altered the stage finishes and course for the early stages, but Wiens and teammate Alban Lakata (shown above) were one of 550 two-man teams starting this year’s TransAlp, the “toughest mountain bike stage race in the world.”

They finished Stage 2 about a minute down from the leaders, with Wiens saying he was still trying to shake the jet lag and get back into normal form.  Eitherway, it’s just training for the Wiens/Armstrong showdown at the Leadville 100 later this year…and hopefully Levi Leipheimer’s wrist heals well enough for him to make it to the start line as planned.  After all, he does have that shiny new Trek Top Fuel with SRAM XX!

Pics courtesy of Topeak-Ergon team.  Another photo after the break…



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