This Friday’s AASQ is sponsored by NiteRider, so fire off any questions you have about lights, lumens, using blinkies and headlights during the day, etc. Anything you want to know about bike lights and their tech is fair game…just use this form to submit your questions and we’ll get them off to the pros at NiteRider for answers this Friday!

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3 years ago

I refuse to buy most lights due to their sealed-in, proprietary batteries, the fact that the run times are pitifully low even from brand new, and the fact that the brackets change incessantly with almost no noticeable improvement, and frequently the opposite. Products are supposed to solve problems not create them.

At what % year on year are batteries improving in terms of
– power capacity by volume and weight?
– number of re-use cycles?

What moves are there in the industry as regards moving towards a standard:
– battery? (think AAA but lithium or whatever the latest composition is.)
– mounting brackets?


3 years ago
Reply to  Matt

Matt, your questions are excellent but I don’t want to be cynical but what your asking is when will our capitalist / consumption system produce long lasting quality product, fulfilling real needs with a preoccupation for reusability and cross compatibility. ! Do you really will get anything else than BS as an answer ?

Ryan S
Ryan S
3 years ago

Where is the follow-up article with their Q’s & A’s?