Watts Dixon

archer d1x wireless shifting works for any road gravel or mountain bike and is perfect for riders with special needs

Review: Archer D1x – The electronic shifting you didn’t know you needed but honestly...

My question to Devin, co-founder of Archer Components, as we reclined in our camp chairs with beers and scanned the night sky for satellites...
hustle bike labs magnetic pedals for mountain bikers

Review: Hustle REM Magnetic Pedal has a strangely appealing pull (and pedals well, too)

It's problematic and embarrassing to admit... but I'm just as baffled by magnets as the Insane Clown Posse is. Though unlike everybody's favorite "freethinking"...
wattbike atom review

Review: Watts rides the Wattbike Atom indoor cycling trainer

Like most of you, I've watched the phenomenon of the committed indoor-bike with more than a little head-scratching. They're everywhere. In Hulu commercials. Sponsored Facebook...

Growing Roots: Undone at Ted King’s Rooted Vermont gravel race

Ted King leaned in and whispered, conspiratorially. "Don't be obvious, but I'm pretty sure that's Mike Powers." I turned, as discreetly as I could, and...
Watts Dixon Grinduro Scotland ride review and event race report

Grinduro Scotland: Well Done

I looked down at the pedals in my hand. They’d seen better days, to be sure. A battered and chipped pair of old Shimano...

Watts’ Holiday Gift Guide for Clinically Depressed Romantics

I woke up last night drenched in sweat. True, I'd consumed more spicy lentils and injera bread than any human ever should in one sitting...

Watts’ Holiday Gift Ideas: A Guide for Feral Lovers (unabridged)

Question: If given the choice between going shopping for a Christmas Tree... or of having that naked picture of you circulated on the internet... (Yeah......

Gear and Loading in Las Vegas – Interbikepacking with Blackburn Design

"Motherfucker!" I barked, my frustration muffled by the bike light I was clutching between my teeth... trying desperately to shine some modicum of clarity on...

Am I not Specialized? Dispatches from the Sequoia adventure bike launch

Editor's Note: Yes, this is a long story, but it's awesome. Even the Specialized folks liked it. *wipes nervous sweat from brow* But if...



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