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Bicycle Holiday Wish List, By Chris (Amended)

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When putting together my wish list, I decided to go with one item I use that I think belongs on your wish list, and one I don’t have and lust after… except for the bikes, because that’s just greedy. Check out my list after the jump…

Wish List Tool: Snap-On TH737 swivel-head ratchet & Pedro’s Tutto chain tool.

This 1/4″ Snap-On ratchet  is seriously the favorite tool in my toolbox, and is worth every penny of the $87.95. I’ve paired mine with a set of JH Williams 1/4″ drive hex bits, and the swivel head makes it versatile and quick to use for bolts all over the bike.

The Pedro’s Tutto chain tool has been in limbo for awhile now; from my understanding it’s had some manufacturing issues with hopes to be available very soon. Around the shop, we are anxious to get them in our toolboxes as it effectively replaces four tools; the single speed chain tool, the 8/9/10 chain tool, the 11-speed chain tool and the Campy Rivet Peener.

Wish List Clothing Item or Gear: Mission Workshop Vandal backpack & Swvre _blk label Wax Riding Jacket

It’s no secret that I love the Vandal bag, so this one is a given. If you haven’t already, read why it’s awesome in my long term Bike Rumor review here.

The folks down at Swrve are great people who make amazing gear, some of which I wear on a daily basis (the merino base layer tee, I have a few). So when they released this casual-ish jacket with riding specific features, I knew that I wanted one.

Wish List Component: Ritchey Wet White WSC cockpit (EvoCurve handlebars/4-Axis stem/Alloy 1-Bolt post) & Speedplay Maglia Rosa Zero pedals

It’s hard to imagine loving a cockpit so much, but installing the Wet White WCS components on my bike made huge difference in the way it rides, especially the new EvoCurve bars which are ridiculously comfortable in all the right ways. Plus, you cannot deny the sexiness of this stuff.

I ride the Speedplay X2 pedals now and LOVE them, however I can see the benefit that the Zeros have over the Xs, especially keeping the heel from hitting the crank arm. Since I also enjoy watching the Grand Tours, and am secure enough in my manhood to rock pink, I would love to get my feet onto a set of these limited edition pedals.

Wish List Mountain Bike: Ibis Mojo HD 140

I had the pleasure of riding this bike during a demo with the Ibis guys recently, at the famed Backbone Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains. There was a couple thousand feet of climbing and I did a lot of walking, plus had one gnarly crash. I’m not really a mountain biker anymore, and when I was, it was not on actual mountains. Anyhow, this bike, and this bike alone, is the reason I eventually made it safely off that mountain. When you took my extremely low skill level, plus the extremely awesome capabilities of that bike, it almost evened out.

Wish List Road Bike: Cielo Sportif

I fell in love with this frame this fall, and plan to build one next spring, after the NAHBS. True Temper OX Platinum with a great geometry and space for bigger tires and/or fenders, all make this a perfect all around bike. Plus they’ll factory install the Chris King headset and bottom bracket… I look forward to commuting on it, tackling some of Southern California’s famous climbs (maybe a spin past the Playboy Mansion) and hopefully taking on the Pablove Across America ride from Milwaukee to New Orleans in fall.

Happy Holidays everyone!


Wish List Bad Weather Gear: Bellwether ThermoDry Bib Knicker & Rapha Overshoes

The past two days have been 50°F and rainy, and I’ve ridden my normal commute both days (by tonight, I’ll have logged about 76 miles total). In honor of the saying, “there is no bad weather, only bad clothing,” I’m making this amendment to my original wish list, to include bad weather gear.

I recently got a pair of the Bellwether knickers for chillier days, and felt pretty meh about them. But even in the cold rain, soaking wet, these stayed warm and I was super glad I had them.

As for the Rapha booties, when you spend the morning stuffing your shoes with newspaper and wringing out socks, you wish you had some booties. Especially when you have to put those shoes and socks back on in eight hours and ride home.

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13 years ago

Stayed tuned for an amendment…

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