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Bikerumor Weekly Workout Fun – Jeremiah Bishop’s Monster Go-To Workout

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Jeremiah Bishop is one fast mofo.  He’s been simultaneously crowned U.S. Marathon and Short Track national champion, won the Breck Epic this year and Iceman Cometh, among countless others over the years.  How does one get fast like him?

I have a few favorite workouts for each type of race cross, XC and Epic long distance race. This is a go to workout of mine that Hunter Allen and I created a few years ago and have since incorporated into our online training plans.  I did this exact workout out several times before winning at the U.S. Triple Crown at Massanutten.

  • Warm-up well including some tempo and 3-4 spin ups for 15 minutes.
  • From a full stop, go max effort for one minute before settling in at heartrate 4-5a zones for 10 minutes.
  • Spin 10 minutes for recovery/light endurace. Then repeat 3 more times.
  • Can be done on gentle up sloping trail or less technical single track, climb mostly pedaling, no major downhills. This workout teaches you to clear the massive amount of lactate that build up just after the start of a race. Thought you were done? Ha.
  • Take 5, then ride at high tempo pace (85-90% of FTP watts, or 90-95% of threshold HR) for 30 minutes.
  • Do 5 x 1-minute fast pedals (over 110 rpm) with 1-minute recovery between
  • Do 5 x 1-minute big gear jams alternating (90% of CP for 1 min). Slam it!
  • Cool-down for 10 minutes.

Now you’re done. And we do mean done. This one’s a little confusing, so we’ve put a cue sheet that you can print out after the break. Need to work up to this one? Click on the ‘Training’ category button up top and find workouts from other pros.

Click on the image to open it in a separate window, or just drag it to your desktop to save. Big one above for the trainer or below for your stem:

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13 years ago

That sounds hard.

Perhaps you could ask Jeremiah for something easier?
Maybe he has a nice cupcake recipe?

13 years ago

Should be noted that the 5×1 high RPM should be done with no concern for power. The object is to get the legs turning fast to engage the specific muscle fibers.

Classic Hunter Allen workout. The man is sadistic.

13 years ago

At what point in this workout does one stop to puke?

13 years ago

The work out seems like a combination of several rolled in to one training session. I’m going to do it to wake the up legs for spring. One more thing. Don’t stop to puke, just watch out for trees.

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