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Bikerumor Weekly Workout Fun – Willow Koerber’s Two Favorite Workouts

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Willow Koerber makes going fast look better than ever. Photo: Chris Milliman.

Bikerumor’s weekly training post gives you something to do this weekend to pretend you’ll get as fast as the pros. This week’s torture comes from Trek World Racing’s Willow Koerber, who happens to have a bronze medal from the UCI World Championships and who finished 2nd overall in the 2010 UCI World Cup series.  Here are her two favorite workouts, the second of which sounds like my least favorite.

I have two favorite workouts. The first is just getting behind a fast guy on a mountain bike (Myles, my brothers, my Dad) and trying to keep up and eventually crush them.

Second, to really make you fast, get on a road bike and do standing start intervals on a hill.  Kill the first minute like it is the race of your life, then just try to keep it going the next 9. Repeat for a total of 3 reps.

Now go drink some wine. Willow’s orders.

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13 years ago

Man, I was hoping for naked Bikrim yoga.

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