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Bring out the Bots! MyWhoosh adds Pixelated Peloton Partners

MyWhoosh training bots

MyWhoosh has just added six controllable bots to its platform, letting you mix them into your workouts for new challenges. Chase them around to up the effort, race them through a course, or just watch them ride along for kick and giggles.

Each bot has its own unique skill, here’s how MyWhoosh describes them:

  • Sprinter: The Sprinter bot is your go-to for high-intensity, short-distance bursts. Ideal for final sprints or quick breakaways.
  • Mountain: The Mountain Bot thrives on steep climbs, offering sustained power and endurance where it matters most.
  • Flat: The Flat Bot excels in maintaining top speeds on flat terrains, perfect for long stretches without significant elevation changes.
  • Attacker: The Attacker Bot specializes in making decisive, strategic moves that can change the course of the race in an instant.
  • Smasher: With the Smasher Bot, harness raw power to dominate the peloton and create significant gaps.
  • Climber: The Climber bot brings grace and efficiency to challenging ascents, helping you conquer hills with ease.

You can select specific one or more bots, adjust their power, change their refueling strategy, and then insert them into workouts for pacing, sprinting, climbing, lead-outs, and more. Here’s the complete guide to using them:

But wait, there’s more…

Power Passport Test Protocol update

MyWhoosh power protocol screenshot

MyWhoosh’s updated Power Passport Test now focuses primarily on capturing an accurate FTP (Functional Threshold Power) to use for race performance verification. The key update involves the removal of the 30-second interval from the test protocol to provide users with more recovery time between the 3-minute and 12-minute maximal effort intervals.

Lapping System, Climbing Map, Monthly Training Calendar & more

MyWhoosh lap timer feature shown on screen

A visible lap tracker now appears in freeride mode, plus changes to the leaderboard and a new HUD update.

MyWhoosh monthly training calendar screenshot

There’s a new monthly view of your training calendar.

MyWhoosh screenshot for endurance climb map

And a new Endurance Climb Route should give you somewhere to see what those bots are made of.

Lastly, there’s now increased compatibility for low-end Android devices with at least 3GB of memory. Full list of compatible devices is here.


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Collin S
Collin S
6 months ago

Is anyone actually using my whoosh (what a horrible name)? I feel like this is the Google+ vs Facebook debate. Even if there is a superior product out there, if none of your friends go over there, then it ultimately fails.

6 months ago
Reply to  Collin S

If you are there to train and not to socialize, it doesn’t matter. And I don’t need the gamification, so why spend the money on zwift?

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