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British Brand Cotic Bikes Coming to U.S. for 2011

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Cy Turner, owner of Cotic Bikes in the UK has just inked a deal with EU Cycle Imports to bring their bikes into the U.S. The brand is known for making hardtail steel and titanium mountain bikes designed around long travel (140mm) forks without having to build in extra gussets, so they can handle the usual mud with plenty of clearance.

They also offer the “X” cyclocross bike, shown above, and a do-it-all commuter bike. The “X” is a steel-framed ‘cross racer that comes with disc brake tabs already built in on both the frame and the included carbon fork. UK price is £450, or get a two-fer frame/fork set (so you have a spare bike waiting between laps) for just £850. This one’s brand new, so we’re not sure if it’s coming to the U.S. immediatly. In the meantime, jump past the break and see the mountain bike lineup…

The Cotic Soul is their original hardtail. It’s a 4.4lb steel frame with geometry tuned to maintain weight over the front wheel for aggressive cornering and wander-free climbing. The current version uses Reynolds 853 tubing with a horizontally-ovalized top tube, engineered gussets to avoid a chainstay bridge (Cotic says the Brits value their mud clearance) it’s passed Europe’s CEN testing with up to a 140mm fork. Cotic says you can also build it up with a 100mm fork for a more XC, snappy ride. US MSRP will be $739 and come in orange or black.

The Cotic Soda is the titanium version of the Soul, and it drops a quarter of the frame weight. Tipping the scales at 3.3lbs, the Soda’s frame is built by Ti masters Lynskey here in the states and is rated for a 100- to 120mm fork. It’s been under sponsored riders at the past two UCI XC World Championship races, giving it a little race pedigree. U.S. MSRP is $1,945 and will come only in bare Ti with bead blasted logos and graphics.

The BFe is Cotic’s DJ/4X/Trail bike. It uses a mix of 853 and 631 tubing and rated for up to 160mm travel forks. There’s also an ISCG05 mount for single-ring applications. Frame weight is 5.4lbs, and it’ll retail for $539 for the frame only in this Gritstone color.

Another one that caught our eye, though we’re not sure it’s coming to the U.S. at first, is their RoadRat heavy duty commuter/tourer/road bike that can even double up as a ‘cross bike. It’s also full steel, but with a lighter gauge tubing than the Soul to give it a bit smoother ride.  What’s really interesting is the front disc brake placement…drive side!?! There are various builds available with flat and drop bars, singlespeed and geared.

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13 years ago

ive had a soul for a couple of years ,best bike ive ever had. reminds me of a kona from the 90s, im sure you`ll love them.

13 years ago

Hey guys, thanks getting our bikes up on the site.

As mentioned above, all the mountain frames are available from Niall at EU Cycle Imports right now. On the other products, X arrived a little late for your ‘cross season (hell, it was pretty late for ours!!), so Niall has decided to get a couple of samples out there and then run with them when the next batch drops in Summer 2011.

Again, with with RoadRat taking it slow and seeing where we get. Niall’s getting an idea of what the market is. I’m getting a small shipment of framesets together in the next week or so for his reps so we’ll have some out on the road in the next month or so.

It’s a huge part of our business here in the UK, and the singlespeed and 8spd Alfine hub geared bikes we sell have been flying out the door. It’s basically a bike for everything except racing. From going to the store to riding across the entire USA (someone has done this on their RoadRat!), to some back road blasting, it’s great. If we get some good interest we’ll ship some framesets into the US in Spring 2011.

Regarding the front right hand disc mount, it uses totally stock disc brake kit, it’s simply a mirror image of the usual left side location. For all the reasons I designed it like this, check out http://www.cotic.co.uk/geek.



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