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Ceramicspeed UFO Drip adds wet-conditions & indoor wax lubes

new Ceramicspeed UFO family of wax chainlubes and bike cleaning products
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The Ceramicspeed UFO Drip is one of my favorite chain lubes thanks to its long lifespan and clean, quiet operation. Now, they’ve updated the formula and added versions for wet conditions and indoor/track use, and introduced an entire line of bike care products.

The UFO line started with the original liquid wax lube, which was followed by a line of bearing cleaner and greases, offering an easy way to refresh any wheel, bottom bracket, or other bearing on your bike with conditions-specific greases. The drivetrain cleaner came out at the same time, and those products all carry over unchanged save for packaging and labels.

The expanded line aims to provide the right lube and maintenance product for any part, in any conditions, giving them a complete UFO family.

UFO Drivetrain Cleaner

ceramicspeed ufo drivetrain cleaner

I’m showing the UFO Drivetrain Cleaner first because there’s an important caveat to wax lubes: They can be harder to remove from your chain as typical “degreasers” may not have the right solvents to remove the waxes.

And, while wax lubes typically do a (much) better job of shedding contaminants as you ride, a wet or muddy ride will still leave crud on your chain. So, after any wet ride, you’d ideally wipe off the chain at a minimum, and fully clean it in an ideal world. That’s where their drivetrain cleaner comes in, helping to clear off any contaminated wax lube and dissolving it from inside the chain, prepping the chain for a fresh coat of lube.

UFO Drip Wet Conditions Wax Chain Lube

ceramicspeed ufo drip wet conditions wax chain lube

The main benefit of liquid wax chain lubes is that they stay clean, but they also happen to consistently rank as the top performers in independent 3rd party tests against all types of chain lubes. But, typically, they perform best in dry conditions since they’re able to slough off dust, dirt, and grit, but add water and they can wear off faster.

The new UFO Drip Wet Conditions wax lube is reformulated to maintain protection for longer. While they didn’t test against other wax lubes, their internal testing (they acquired Friction Facts some time ago to manage such things) shows that it outlasts typical popular wet lubes. (I’ve reached out for more details and will update or add to a review once we hear back)

Ceramicspeed UFO Drip All Conditions chain lube

ceramicspeed ufo drip all conditions wax chain lube

The original “chain coating” is now in version 2, which lasts longer and is easier to apply. Now, it gets the revised family labeling and comes in a smaller bottle size and whiter color for easier application.

UFO Drip Indoor & Track chain lube

ceramicspeed ufo drip wax chain lube for indoor trainer and track cycling

The side effect of wax lubes’ ability to shed grit is that it also sheds wax particles with it, making it a poor choice for indoor riding. Whether on the trainer or the track, you don’t want that on the floor. The new UFO Drip Indoor & Track formula has a higher ratio of friction reducers to wax to reduce the build up on the chain and subsequent shedding.


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Tommy Barse
11 months ago

Looking forward to see results from Adam at Zero Friction.

The UFO Degreaser is amazingly effective. It literally just melted an insane amount of chain lube build-up on his drivetrain while I prep his bike for a waxed system.

11 months ago

Is it me or the prices I start seeing online are quite more expensive than the previous generation?

11 months ago
Reply to  Caesar

quantum enhanced triglycerides with a reinforced covalent outer shell suspended in a non Newtonian fluid don’t come cheap ya know

11 months ago
Reply to  Caesar

No surprise there. You don’t see much going down in price these days.

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