Do your kids even drift, bro? Protect their rigs w/ Kids’ Frame Protections kits from DYEDBRO

DYEDBRO, a European-based frame protection company known for wild patterns, just dropped some new kid-specific products. The DYEDBRO Kids collection is a rad lineup of six designs: Unicorn, Police, Flames, Fire Rescue, Dinos, and Candy. We’re partial to Flames and Dinos, but there should be something here to appeal to little shredders of all stripes.

the candy pattern from DYEDBRO

All photos c. DYEDBRO

Each set includes protection for the top tube, chainstays, and forks. The benefit, other than a fresh/refreshable cool look, is simple: to protect your frame from the scratches, scrapes, and chips it’ll naturally absorb over time.

We’ve gotta admit, even the “police” kit looks pretty cool.

the police pattern from DYEDBRO

We all know every kid is a one-person wrecking crew, so if you want your grommet’s rig to last longer, the DYEDBRO wraps might be worth considering. The grown-ups among us are sloppy enough, and now the company’s all-ages range can help riders all ages keep their paint fresh, slam after slam.

the fire rescue pattern from DYEDBRO

the unicorn pattern from DYEDBRO

DYEDBRO (Do You Even Drift, Bro?) is the result of a collaboration between a professional mountain biker and a professional printer. The company uses eco-friendly inks in its protectors and recycled packaging material for shipping.

DYEDBRO kids’ frame protector kits will run you MSRP $34 at current Dollar to Euro conversion rates. The company ships worldwide.

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1 month ago

Nah, you don’t have to admit the police decals look cool. Cop colors have never been cool – blue and black? meh. Does anyone think that safety yellow is a cool color?

1 month ago
Reply to  Dockboy

Kids do.