Easton Cycling have expanded their CINCH direct mount chainring options to include Flattop compatibility, catering to the needs of SRAM AXS 12-speed riders. Now, if you’re running a 1x setup, you can use Easton’s ultralight EC90SL carbon cranks with a wide variety of chainring sizes.

Why make a new chainring design for SRAM’s 12-speed road chains? Because Flattop chain rollers are 0.01″ larger than an 11 speed chain, and they have a narrower interior width.

So the chainring tooth profiles had to be tweaked to provide smooth engagement and proper retention. Here’s all the options for the new Easton 12 Speed Flattop CINCH chainrings for road, cyclocross and gravel…

Easton 12 Speed Flattop CINCH chainrings

easton ec90 sl 47mm chainline crankst with new 12 speed flattop compatible cinch chainring gravel bie

This addition to the lineup now allows Easton Cycling crankset users (including those with the integrated powermeter) to run SRAM AXS Flattop road chains. The individual tooth profile has moved from the traditional symmetrical shape to a more directional specific design. Wolf Tooth did something similar with their Drop Stop chainrings last year.

chainring compatible with sram 12 speed flattop road chains directional tooth profile for extra chain retention

The intention was to create a positive chain roller engagement to help with chain retention, critical to prevent chain slip and bounce over rough terrain. That’s super important, especially if you want to run a SRAM AXS group on your gravel bike.

Not only is the new shape optimized to work with Flattop 12 speed chains, it is also optimized to work with the 10-26T to 10-36T cassettes these systems ship with.

Fortunately, the changes aren’t massive, so these new chainrings will also work with 11 speed chains. So, if you were about to replace your chainring anyway, it’s safe bet to just go ahead with these if you foresee SRAM AXS road groups in your future.


Pricing & Availability

The Easton 12 Speed Flattop CINCH direct mount chainrings are available in 36T to 44T options, direct from Easton Cycling.

  • 36T – $77.49
  • 38T – $79.99
  • 40T – $82.49
  • 42T – $87.49
  • 44T – $89.99



  1. Seraph on

    I hope they make their shift rings compatible with the flat top chains as well. Right now there are no alternatives to the SRAM cranks if you want a double with AXS. Although you can run a regular Eagle chain with Red AXS as well, the flat top chains are quieter and shift better.

  2. Lea on

    Both Rotor and Carbon Ti make AXS 2x compatible chainrings for 4 bolt 110BCD cranks. Some Oval AXS compatible chainrings would be nice though


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