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EB18: Effetto Mariposa & Fix Mfg debut quality, compact tools

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Effetto Mariposa & Fix Manufacturing operate at opposite ends of the spectrum, probably targeting vastly different clientele. But they both developed unique compact tools that make working on bikes more pain-free. Mariposa’s Mini Giustaforza torque wrench slips into tight spaces, and Fix’s Wheelie Wrench Pro is just always by your side.

Effetto Mariposa Mini Giustaforza compact torque wrench

Mariposa has been making their premium Giustaforza mechanical torque wrench for several years. We even reviewed the excellent 2nd generation Pro wrench back in 2014. But that wrench was super expensive, and covered a higher torque range than most end-users needed. And Effetto Mariposa knew they could improve on it, while retaining the accuracy and quality of construction that has made the original so desirable.

Enter the new more compact Mini Giustaforza mechanical torque wrench.

The ‘click-style’ dial-in torque setting remains for the most part unchanged. But the new, smaller torque wrench ratchets its torque range back to 1-8Nm, more in line with most modern lightweight & carbon components. It also gets a significantly smaller ball head that will fit more easily in tight spaces and works with standard 1/4″ hex tool bits.

The Mini Giustaforza will possibly change the way it displays the torque setting, with the idea of replacing the previous single white line with a solid white block (like in the sample detail image above, undergoing review) for more accurate setup. Just dial in the top of the white block to align with the desired torque instead of worrying about the precision of aligning varied thickness line markings.

The new Mini Giustaforza will retail for just 99€ when it becomes available at the start of September 2018. It will also have a 140€ option that includes a full tool bit set, a 1/4″ extension, a few long hex and torx drivers (final tool assortment TBD), and a protective roll-up storage pack.


Fix Manufacturing Wheelie Wrench Pro packable, mini multi-tool

We first saw Fix manufacturing’s tool Wheelie Wrench belt buckle back when it was but a Kickstarter dream. Since then, the updated wearable tool made it into production, then even into a version that can clip onto just about any strap. Now the CA mini-tool upstart is back with a new Pro model that offers more tools, more functionality, and more leverage – all in the same footprint so it fits in all existing belts and clip-on carriers.

The new Wheelie Wrench Pro uses a split & interlocking two-piece design that slides together to give you twice as much leverage when using the hex bit or the open end wrenches. It also lets them include a proper thread-in chain breaker as well.

The new wrench includes 20 tools (vs. the original’s 17), essentially adding an 8mm hex for pedals, a valve core/valve stem wrench, a universal screwdriver, the chain tool, and a disc brake straightener to the standard hexes, T25 & open end wrenches (while dropping the T10 and dedicated slotted & phillips drivers). It also now includes a magnetic holder for a spare chain link (which is said to include a 11 speed quick link.)

The new Wheelie Wrench Pro will be available in August 2018 for $50/50€ without a wearable mounting solution. It is fully compatible with Fix’s Payload Pocket system, so you can use a current Fix setup if you have one or add a belt for $35-50. Or you’ll have to wait for the Strap On that comes with the ENVE x Mission hip pack, since that is still a pre-release special collaboration.


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Alberto Effetto Mariposa

Thanks Cory for the nice pictures of our new Giustaforza!
To avoid misunderstandings: the change from white line to white block on the dial is still being tested.

5 years ago

What is the accuracy of the mini Giustaforza?

5 years ago
Reply to  boom

using long extensions like shown, not very

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