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EB18: New saddles from Tioga, S’manie & SDG, plus a weird one by Aeroelastic

prototype smanie downhill mountain bike saddle
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S’mania formally unveiled their n-spire enduro saddle at Sea Otter Classic earlier this year, which is shipping now. At Eurobike, they were showing off a near final foam shape for an upcoming DH saddle that’s being tested by their athletes.

Shown in the top photo stacked on top of their more traditional black saddle, the white downhill saddle form has a truncated rear end with an indent to improve tire clearance when the suspension is fully compressed. It has softer and more foam to make it less painful if it jumps up and hits you on a hard landing, and the nose is a bit longer to make it easier to steer the bike with your thighs. Check the brand out at SmanieSaddles.com.

Also unveiled at Sea Otter was the SDG Radar, which uses low profile design with more padding than their other mountain bike saddles. What really sets it apart is a new shell that puts the rail’s attachment points closer to the center to improve wing flex. We’re seeing more saddle companies pay attention to this, letting the edges of the seat move with you as you pedal. More details in our SOC coverage.

It’s been a while since we’d looked at Tioga’s Spyder saddles and their plastic cutout shells. Turns out they’ve introduced several new models with varying levels and type of cushion.

The Spyder Stratum adds silicone pads to the flexible shell, offering a bit of cushion and grip, keeping you from slipping and sliding around.

The Undercover Stratum adds is a mountain bike saddle that weighs just 150g with carbon rails. It gets more traditional foam padding and a synthetic cover to keep mud from clogging up all the holes. More info at TiogaUSA.com.

The Aeroelastic “Eyes” saddle uses two separate cushions that rise up to meet your sit bones, taking all of the potential pressure points away from your sensitive bits. The lower shell is carbon fiber to keep it stiff, but the cushioning is layered to provide the right support without mushing around under you. The pads are angled to help tilt your hips into a better riding position, too. Check the science on this €290 saddle at Aeroelastic.hr.

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5 years ago

I fail to understand what benefit there is to keeping the nose of the saddle on the Aeroelastic.

4 years ago

One thing it does is allow the mounting rails to be oriented far forward of the seat pads, so that the cyclist’s geometry remains correct.

Cecilia Meza
3 years ago

Doesn’t the upwards turn of the nose defeat the purpose of this seat? Compressed genitalia is painful for women also. There is no bike seat in the market with an opening wide enough to accommodate the female anatomy. I had to make my own. Your seat is on the right path, but an average sized woman like me needs more vertical clearance between the pads and the level of the nose. Also, you are using cheap materials, why the outrageous price?

G. Middlebrooks
G. Middlebrooks
2 years ago

I have this saddle and its great. Though the nose curves up, the seat pads keep you (and your junk) above the nose of the saddle.

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