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ENVE Grodeo is Back! Artisan Bike Builder Roundup Part One

ENVE Grodeo Builder Roundup 2023 Breadwinner hero
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ENVE Composite’s Grodeo weekend is all finished. At the end of June, ENVE opened its doors to the public to showcase two dozen handmade bicycles by artisan frame builders from across the world.

Some of the builders that were presenting their art included Breadwinner, Chumba, Bordure, Ritte, Viral, Bridge, Horse, Rock Lobster, Mosiac, Sanitas Cycles, Rizzo, and Sycip.

In the Grodeo event, like in previous years, the builders involved brought their ‘A-games’. And there are some beautiful machines in this first bunch. We’ll take a look at these in a gallery format so you can really admire the details that went into these beautiful steeds created by some very talented hands.

Let’s get started, here are the bikes from the ENVE Grodeo Part One:


Breadwinner, from Portland, Oregon, showcasing the steel A-Road.

ENVE Grodeo Builder Roundup 2023 Breadwinner hero

For over a decade, Breadwinner Cycles has been custom designing bikes for riders who love to put miles in each and every day, rain or shine,  pavement or dirt. With mainstream road bike offerings looking more identical by the year we asked ourselves if all the aero, cable integration, drop-seat stays, and complicated micro-suspension actually make for a better riding experience. We set out to push our best-selling A-Road further along as the ultimate road platform for real-world, everyday ownership. Based on our made-in-house steel forks, this new custom-only version of the A-Road absolutely sings with 32-38mm road tires on carbon wheels like the ENVE SES 4.5.  Whether your day-to-day riding takes you on perfect pavement, less-than-ideal chip seal, or primitive gravel, this A-Road brings its A-game.” — Breadwinner


Chumba, from Austin, Texas, showcasing the steel Senduro.

ENVE Grodeo Builder Roundup 2023 Chumba Sedero hero

Our ENVE show bike is the Sendero Steel down country 29er in a new 3-tone cerakote paint layout with a paint-matched fork and stem. The colors are light green and slate blue with a gold color shift over both when the light hits just right. The graphics are metallic cobalt. The Sendero is suited to everything from trail riding on singletrack to earning the Triple Crown* Single speed course record. The goal of the Sendero is to be a fast, but very playful all-day bike. Last year we made a few updates: slacker geometry and tubing changes. It is designed for 130mm suspension to rigid mountain forks, single speed, 1x drivetrains, and now the new SRAM Transmission all via modular PMW sliding dropout inserts. The max tire is 29×2.6″ or 27.5×2.8”. All of our bikes can be uniquely built with a wide array of frame customizations, colorways, and complete or partial custom component configurations.“ — Chumba

*Total time of Tour Divide, CTR, and AZTR all in one year, thanks to Andrew Strempke for that feat in 2022! 

Bordure Cycles

Bordure, from Epernay, France, showcasing the Panache Road in titanium/SLM/carbon.

ENVE Grodeo Builder Roundup 2023 Bordure Cycles Panache Road Hero.

This is the brand-new titanium platform made with a new 3D printed head tube, seat junction, dropout, and crankset. This setup was made for introducing fully integrated cable routing, utilizing ENVE’s one-piece bar/stem combo to create a more modern metal bike. Every bike is built to order with custom geometry for each customer. The same goes for the crankset, with one being customized for Q factor and length.” — Bordure Cycles


Ritte, from Los Angeles, California, showcasing the Occulto in titanium.

ENVE Grodeo Builder Roundup 2023 Ritte Hero

Occulto means hidden or concealed. An obvious name given the hidden cabling – the bike is our take on what modern titanium road bikes can be. Blending classic metal bike lines with organic shaping and modern standards. The Occulto utilizes 3D printing to create a natural, hidden cabled front end with our tried and true road geometry. The re-introduction of an integrated seat mast hints back to some of Ritte’s earlier bikes and offers excellent comfort and low weight – the 3D printed topper allows customization of offsets and fit. Printed, fabricated, and assembled in the US from US-sourced materials.” — Ritte


Viral, from Bend, Oregon, showcasing the Optimist 160 in carbon/titanium.

ENVE Grodeo Builder Roundup 2023 Viral hero

The Optimist 160 is a brand new full suspension bike from Viral Bikes, a company dedicated to furthering gearbox and drivetrain technology.  Featuring 3D printed 6/4 Titanium lugs, carbon tubes, an incredible flex pivot suspension layout, and the latest gearbox technology from Pinion, the Optimist 160 is an all-mountain/enduro machine. Front travel comes from a ZEB Flight Attendant featuring 170mm of travel paired with a progressive suspension layout and digitally connected to the Super Deluxe Flight Attendant rear, which allows the wheel to get a full and plush 160mm of travel. The biggest news, aside from Viral being able to make such a wildly advanced technological marvel, is the launch with Pinion of the new Smart Shift electronic shifting Pinion gearbox. The Smart Shift is the latest in gearbox technology, combining all of the advantages of a center-mounted gearbox with the effortless shifting of an electronic trigger shifting mechanism. Shift under load, yup. Shift when standing still, yup. Shift as much as you want to get to the gear you want without having to travel through all of the other gears? Yup.” — Viral Bikes


Bridge, from Toronto, Ontario, showcasing the Surveyor in carbon fiber.

ENVE-Grodeo-Builder-Roundup-2023BRIDGE_23-1-2048x1537 Large

The Surveyor is a modern classic, fully carbon fiber frame, and fork, all built by Bridge Bike Works in Toronto, Canada. The soul of the Surveyor is a performance road bike, with clearance for 40-42mm tires to handle most gravel and off-road conditions. We are proud to introduce our patent pending integrally threaded carbon T47-86 bottom bracket, ensuring perfect alignment with a creak-free ride experience. Surveyor also utilizes the SRAM UDH for both ease of replacement and compatibility with the new T-Type Transmission system, featured on our build for the ENVE Grodeo.” — Bridge

Horse Cycles

Horse, from Andes, New York, showcasing the All Road in titanium.

ENVE Grodeo Builder Roundup 2023 Horse hero

“This is the first Generation of Horse Titanium, made in-house, one at a time, at the Horse Cycles workshop.  An “ALL ROAD TI” geared toward speed while still providing allowances for 45mm x 700c tires. The bike maintains the classic lines, tube diameters , and geometry of the steel frames produced for the past fifteen years while utilizing titanium alloys to increase positive ride characteristics. The titanium provides a lighter overall package making it a clear choice for climbers and longer endurance riders. The bike is painted with a multi-tone sunset horizon and reveals the brushed material on the lower end of the frame.  A modern classic.” — Horse Cycles

Rock Lobster

Rock Lobster, from Santa Cruz, California, showcasing the Tig Sl ‘Cross in Columbus Zona Steel.

ENVE Grodeo Builder Roundup 2023 Rock Lobster hero.jpeg

What started as a hobby in 1978 became a full-time job after a decade of figuring out how to build a great frame. Based in Santa Cruz, Rock Lobster is in a hotbed of custom builders with famed brands of Calfee, and Inglis, among numerous others in the region. As a mainstay in the NorCal cyclocross scene, Rock Lobster has tuned the Tig SL ‘cross to the needs of a modern racer“. — Rock Lobster

Mosiac Cycles

Mosiac, from Boulder, Colorado, showcasing the RT-1 ITR by Above Category in titanium.

ENVE Grodeo Builder Roundup 2023 Mosaic hero

The legendary Mosaic RT-1d, is re-imagined here along with Mosaic Partner Above Category Cycling of Sausalito, CA, and Mosaic sponsored rider Brennan Wertz. We’ve put together a one-of-a-kind RT-1 ITR for the ENVE Grodeo. A full display of Above Category’s ability to leave no detail to the imagination for an ultimate Mosaic drop bar bike. Race-ready road build spec, rider-specific geo and tube choice and an incredible knockout finish and a special addition of a Flip Color shapeshifting look.

Utilizing ENVE’s Integrated Road Fork and a new chainstay design, the RT-1 ITR has the same intuitive steering response, plenty of get-up-and-go out of the corners, the encouragement to rip up your favorite climb, and will give you the confidence to run a larger road tire with room to spare. As usual, this is all delivered by a particular blend & rider-specific selection of double-butted titanium tubing that is infinitely customizable depending on your fit requirements, ride preferences, and build configuration.” — Mosaic Cycles

Sanitas Cycles

Sanitas Cycles, from Durango, Colorado, showcasing the Node Gravel in titanium.

ENVE Grodeo Builder Roundup 2023 Sanitas hero

We brought out the all-new Sanitas Node Custom Gravel. This frame features full 3/2.5 Aerospace titanium construction from tubing that is all milled here in the United States. Braze-ons, headtube, dropouts, and bottom bracket shells are all milled in California. We 100% design and fabricate the frame in-house; the shop is located in Durango, Co. The frame features a 44mm straight tapered headtube for many fork options and integrated cable routing upon request. The top tube is thin-walled and features a slight curve to allow for more vibration absorption. Seatube is reamed for 31.6 allowing for rigid seatposts but also dropper posts. We use T47 standard bottom bracket shells with a thicker wall to help increase lateral stiffness at the crankset. The chain stays are fully annealed 7/8ths material for more vibration absorption and endless customization of tire clearance and crankset combinations. The seat stays are thick-walled 1/2” tubing featuring a wrap-around construction while also being a bit dropped to keep the rear triangle laterally stiff for hard climbs and sprints. This frame is what we see as the final culmination of our 30+ years of combined frame-building experience.

The finish applied to the frame features custom anodization done through Agave Finishworks also located in Durango. From afar the gold, blues, and purples are eye-catching, but up close it really comes to life with details of mountains, clouds, and cacti using the negative space. Just like the finish applied on the frame, we build each and every bicycle one by one to the customer’s exact specifications and desires. Being a small-builder allows us to provide a unique and highly customizable shopping experience. The groupset features a mix of Sram Red AXS, Force AXS, White Industries cranks, a Kogel Ceramic bottom bracket, and their oversized cage. All being framed in the pinnacle of carbon works provided by ENVE Composites.” — Sanitas Cycles


Rizzo, from Madrid, Spain, showcasing the Custom Road Rim Brake in Columbus Spirit & XCr Steel.

ENVE Grodeo Builder Roundup 2023 Rizzo hero

This bike has been in my build queue for more than a year and in my mind for two, the desire for a classic steel rim brake road bike with modern components, and a steel fork to accept high volume road tires up to 33c to ride on the broken, bumpy and lonely roads of Sierra Este in Madrid. Why don’t just go with disc brakes then? Well….because for me the feeling of rim brake pads over ENVE ‘s SES rims is incomparable. And talking about exclusivity, this is a near-to-extinction species that you see less and less nowadays, so pretty exclusive.

There are no rim brake carbon forks with such a tyre clearance, so I went with a full custom fork made with MAX blades and a 3D-printed stainless crown to host the direct mount pivots. The steerer tube is carbon so it saved a lot of weight and the fork only weights 550 grams. The frame is less than 1.5kg and the outstanding choice of components makes it quite light. The bike features arguably the last set of SES 3.4 rim brake rims, which took me a few months to find a set after ENVE guys told me “there is no more rims at the warehouse”. Along all the ENVE cockpit the powerful Cane Creek EE direct mount brakes, a made-in-Madrid (just a few miles from my workshop) ROTOR Aldhu carbon crankset, and titanium axles from METI make this a simple, elegant, and timeless bike. For more modern and innovative stuff….wait for my M.A.D.E show bike“. –Rizzo Cycles


Sycip, from Santa Rosa, California, showcasing the Custom Travel Gravel in titanium.

ENVE Grodeo Builder Roundup 2023 Sycip hero

“This year I built a Travel Gravel bike. It’s a Titanium gravel frame with Z couplers on top and down tube designed to come apart so you can fit the complete bike into a non-oversized case for airline travel. It is built up with Sram AXS parts so no cables and of course full ENVE parts as well. The hydraulic brake lines are internal with quick disconnect hoses so when the frame comes apart, you can also split the brake lines for ease of packing. The bike is made to fit up to a 50c tire and has extra water bottle mounts“. — Sycip

Stay tuned for more beauts from the likes of Saltair, English, Holland, and more in the next installment!


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8 months ago

An reason why all th pictures are in the dark?

Velo Kitty
Velo Kitty
8 months ago
Reply to  Raouligan

Maybe so the brake rotors aren’t as visible.

Chuck chukerson
Chuck chukerson
8 months ago

wow!! ti bike with purple bits, so unique. i have never seen that before!!

Velo Kitty
Velo Kitty
8 months ago

The metal bikes with the oversize headtubes meant to hide the cables sure are fugly.

8 months ago
Reply to  Velo Kitty

you’re fugly 🙂

8 months ago
Reply to  Velo Kitty

Wash your mouth. It’s full of crap.

Martin A Navarre
Martin A Navarre
8 months ago

joking … maybe Rock Lobster and Horse Cycles accidentally swapped colors 🙂

I was just going to post about how headtubes are in need of aesthetic optimization … my eye is drawn to the tall slender headtubes which I don’t care for. It’s not fair that only 52cm frames look good.

Some very nice bikes!

8 months ago

So expensive, so lifeless, so boring.

Frites and mayo forever
Frites and mayo forever
8 months ago

Chris Igleheart / Breadwinner forks are just so hot

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