facebook-cyclist-violenceIf you’re on Facebook, click here to see the “There’s a Perfectly Good Cycle Path Right Next to the Road…” page set up to advocate intentional violence against cyclists.  Probably set up as a joke, it now has over 31,000 fans.  There are only four posts, all in November 2009, so my hunch is it’s not an active page, but the number of fans it has is alarming.

Scroll to the bottom left of the page and click “Report Page” and let Facebook know you think it’s inappropriate content.

Thanks to Ritchey Logic for the tip on this (via a retweet from District Cycling)


  1. Stan Dexpantz on

    Although I do not condone violence and I am indeed a bike freak, I like the page and do not think it should be taken down. Apparently, there are many people who agree with the stance the page takes. It’s good to know there are many drivers who dislike cyclists and the perspective they have.

    Next time you roll through a red light or stop sign (you know you’ve done it), or riding that paceline 2-3 wide, or that mass sprint for the city limit sign, think about the cars around you and all the people who driving them that hate cyclists and how your own riding habits fuel that attitude.

    Maybe there’s good reason motorists dislike cyclists so much.

    • Editor on

      I don’t like it when attention-seeking homeless people cross the street very slowly in front of me just as the light turns green, but it doesn’t mean I advocate running them over just because they make me miss the light sometimes.

      I agree with Stan about riding 2- and 3-abreast… Personally, I don’t like riding more than one wide because it does block too much of the road and doesn’t extend the same “share the road” courtesy to drivers that we want / expect from them, but violence is still wrong, and reporting that site (IMO) is one small step in letting others know that it’s wrong.

  2. Eric Jensen on

    Wouldn’t it be nice if Erik Krig could write a sentence that makes sense? Do I take this to mean that it is okay to advocate just hitting cyclists regardless of their stupidity? Brilliant.

    Report the page to Facebook. 32,000 idiots like the page so let’s get them 32,000 complaints.

  3. Rick Vosper on

    It seems that the page was originally aimed at British cyclists not moving over to let cars pass and does not, as far as I can see, advocate actual violence against cyclists. But some of the Comments certainly do.

  4. Len on

    Wow, listen to the ignorant bike-haters spout off.

    Go ahead guys, do something stupid like that doctor in Southern California did. He just got convicted and sent to jail for 5 years. Maybe the two of you can share a cell.


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