If you’re riding either of Fizik’s Alpaca saddles, the new Alpaca Tool Carrier will discreetly mount a mini tool and two CO2 cartridges underneath. The design makes it easy to stash things under the saddle without having to open a bag, and it won’t interfere with dropper seatposts either!

fizik alpaca integrated tool storage for saddles shown using CO2 chuck to inflate a mountain bike tire

The mini tool, which really embodies the word “mini”, packs quite a few tools into its diminutive size:

  • Hex Wrenches – 2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8mm
  • Screwdrivers – Phillips/Flat head
  • Torx – t-25/t-10
  • Inflator Head
  • Two reusable zip ties

fizik alpaca integrated tool storage for saddles

The CO2 sleeves are removable, so you can run just the tool kit. Retail is $40 (€/£ 40), and it attaches to either the Alpaca Terra & Alpaca Gravita mountain bike saddles.



  1. Joenomad on

    I have never had a problem with opening a saddle bag to get to tools or tubes, plus it keeps dirt off them versus this type where the tools are open to the elements and no option to carry a tube.


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