Friday Shredit: World Champ Kate Courtney shows off the tech skills you’re missing

Get back to basics and hone your technical skills with Kate Courtney. The best XC mountain bikers in the world are all at Mont-Sainte-Anne right now. The Elite men & women will battle it out tomorrow on the Canadian course in front of tens of thousands of mountain biking fans. But how do you make it to Worlds?

Training, obviously… right? World Champ Kate Courtney shows off how she develops the technical skills needed to dominate the best cross-country racers in the world, on ever more technical race courses and in unpredictable racing conditions.

XC Tech Training with World Champ Kate Courtney

Episode 4 of the #sparklewatts-powered Shark’s Rising video series is all about that ‘Full Send’. Will her intense tech training be enough to repeat her surprise World’s win last year? Follow the race over at at 12:15 EST to find out. Full race details at:

Sometimes in order to go forward you need to go back. What has that meant for Kate Courtney this season? Mastering even the simplest essentials like cornering and technique so that no matter what gets thrown at her on the race track, she is able to punch back with confidence and strength. Full Send dives into the technical progress Kate has focused on this season on the Scott-SRAM team and under the wing of Thomas Frischkneckt.

XC Tech Training with World Champ Kate Courtney

c. Scott-SRAM, photos by RainedUpon Media

It doesn’t hurt that the team has been dialing in rainbow jerseys for decades, first with Frischkneckt, then another huge pile from Nino, and now Kate. Read up Kate’s full training story over on Scott’s Rising series…

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