Friday Yard Sale #021 – Amanda Batty bike check & headsets chat Wolf Tooth’s Prez

This week we throw in a little footage from Sea Otter Classic, including a pro bike check with Amanda Batty, then talk to Wolf Tooth Components’ president Mike Pfeiffer about their new headsets. In between, Watts and Tyler review some of the tech highlights from the show, talk about the future of gravel racing and more of the usual (and usually…OK, sometimes) entertaining banter. Enjoy, and happy weekend!

Discussed in this episode:

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Dr Sweets
Dr Sweets
4 years ago

Amanda Batty is awesome and hilarious! I was bummed when she stopped writing over at Pink Bike. She would be fantastic to have write for you guys and would likely give Watts a run for his money in seeing how much shit could be stirred up.