Heads up! Recon Jet drops prices, will refund difference to early adopters

Recon Jet_white

The benefits of being acquired by tech giant Intel are already showing for Recon Jet, the heads up display sunglasses that pairs with your ANT+ and Bluetooth sensors and devices to show power, speed and other data. And thanks to third party apps, it’ll even show you nutrition and hydration data or let you control your GoPro and more.

Originally priced at $699, they’ll now be available at just $499 (€499, £360, 469 CHF, 660 CAD, 799 AUD, or 64,500 JPY). Even better, they’ll refund the difference to anyone that’s already bought or preordered the unit.

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6 years ago

This version is even worse than the first; it’s very large and hence obtrusive and ugly. It looks ludicrous!