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A $24k wooden bicycle? The Odyssee Terre Compact Carrier Bike is a small bike for a big price

Odyssee Terre
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Hermes Paris, a store that I’ve never heard of, but apparently sells everything from Equestrian gear, jewelry, and watches to fragrances and make-up, is also offering a bicycle inspired by the Japanese compact bicycle.

This compact carrier bicycle can be yours for only $23,600… oh, and it’s MADE OF WOOD!

Yeah, this tops the WTF factor by a long shot this week.

Odyssee Terre Wood bike
Photo c. Hermes Paris

OK, I’m not gonna lie, when I first opened the link and saw the bike I thought it looked cool with the natural wood color of the frame, polished aluminum fork, seat tube, and fenders, as well as the bright orange tires. It was aesthetically pleasing. And don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a wooden bike…we’ve covered them before, but a $24k priced wooden bike? Seems gratuitous.

There is nothing on the website or in the materials sent with the news that says that this bicycle is made in limited numbers, or that it is made by a particular designer that could perceivably bring this kind of price tag. Nothing…just that it’s “Made in France”. Ooh, la la.

Odyssee Terre saddle
The leather saddle looks like a low-cost, uncomfortable copy of a Brooks b-17. The Ash frame looks nice up close.

It appears to be belt-driven, not sure what rear hub is being used to supply the 4 gears that it claims to sport. The fenders look custom and might be “one-offs” for this build. Upon closer inspection of the three pictures that were provided, I noticed the brakes are hydraulic and seem to be Formula Cura brakes… interesting.

The Odyssee Terre only comes in one color, they are calling it Capucine.

The website says it weighs 24.2lbs and measures 39.5″ long and 22.8″ wide…I know, odd measurements to include for a bicycle…I’m just telling you what the website says.

Here is more from the website:

“Pedal bicycle in ash, aluminum, and Spad leather
– Light integrated into the handlebars and seat post. (Is this true? Is that the little dark spot on the bars? That’s not a dynamo hub, so where does the battery go? Why no pictures)
– 4-speed gears.
– Enamelled medallion of the collection’s logo on the front.
– “Hermes Paris” hot-stamped on the saddle.

Inspired by the Japanese compact bicycle, urban and lightweight, with clean lines.”

Find out more below.


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1 year ago

The Birkin is going to blow your mind.

1 year ago

Is that a $20 Zoom seatpost I spy? Very classy, totally worth $24k.

David Lewis
David Lewis
1 year ago

If you want a great wooden frame for a more down-to-earth price, look at https://renovo.bike. I have an earlier iteration and absolutely love it. The ride quality has to be experienced to be believed, because of hardwood’s natural damping properties.

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