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How To Lock Your Bicycle

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Yes, Toronto Star, I’m copying this entire article from your website…it’s simply too short and entertaining to paraphrase:

Many bicycles have a quick-release front wheel.

So it’s necessary to wrap the lock around both the frame and the wheel. Otherwise you may find yourself coming back to a unicycle.

But the second reason to lock up the bike in this way is that it helps the bike stay upright. A lot of lazy people just put the lock around the frame.

When someone bumps against it, the bike spins and falls to the ground.

If this happens to you, do not feel obligated to pick the person’s bike up. That’s just enabling them. You might as well give $30 billion to a poorly run automotive industry.

If the lock is not wide enough to reach around both frame and wheel, it’s not big enough. Spend the money on a good lock.

And, Toronto Star, so you don’t get upset that I’m infringing on your copyrights, I am suggesting that our readers view the real article on your site to enjoy the mildly humorous byline at the end of the story…

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