Hunt actually has three new disc brake carbon wheelsets that they have just announced and opened up for pre-order, two for road riding and one for gravel. The lightest is the 30Carbon Aero Disc, then comes the 50Carbon Aero Disc at just 100g heavier. The third, the 30Carbon Gravel Disc shares the same rim profile as the lightest version but gets a few more spokes and a hubset more up to the wet and muddy riding you’ll find on a gravel adventure. All three use hookless carbon rims designed by Hunt, and are all tubeless ready. Built with the same durable components as their other wheels, Hunt develops their wheels to offer a lot of durability and value that they can pass directly onto riders. Check out the full details, pricing and delivery dates after the jump…

30Carbon Aero Disc


The Hunt 30Carbon Aero Disc is their new flagship disc brake road wheelset. It uses an all new rim profile that they’d been working on, at least since we rode their 38mm carbon wheels with them last winter. The new 30mm deep, 26.6mm wide external, 21.3mm wide internal carbon rim is made from a new UD 30/24T carbon fiber, with 3K reinforcement at the spoke holes.


Hunt has said that now with truly disc-specific rim design they have been able to really achieve massive weight savings vs. the equivalent rim brake profiles. Being able to focus exclusively on supporting the tire and dealing with spoke forces has freed them to truly rethink their light rim design, while still producing a wheelset that can stand up to riding rough roads and even off-road gravel tracks.

A new vibration absorbing resin can also be used in the rims that doesn’t have to deal with as high temperatures from rim braking. The lower temp resin makes the rims much less brittle, meaning hugely improved impact resistance.

hunt-30carbon-aero-disc-wheels_1338g-carbon-aero-road-disc-brake-wheelset_tubeless-profile hunt-30carbon-aero-disc-wheels_1338g-carbon-aero-road-disc-brake-wheelset_profile

Hunt is also using a new hookless H-Lock tubeless-ready rim bed profile on the carbon wheels. The rim beads slope slightly in for better strength, and combine with a deep central trough and stepped up shoulders to make a good seal for tubeless setups. The design is also said to better hold the tire bead at low pressures, making it great for wide tire and off-road use. Like all Hunt wheels, you can have them set the wheels up tubeless in their shop, and ship them to you with tubeless tires of your choice already installed and sealed. It eliminates the hassle and potential mess of going tubeless and is actually cheaper than doing it yourself. No reason not to go tubeless!

Hunt says that when they mount up a 25mm Schwalbe Pro One on the new rim, the tire measures out to 29mm, so if you are looking to put these on your new aero disc brake bike (like that new S3 Disc) you might have to double check your frame’s max tire size. Of course there are all the improved grip and lower rolling resistance benefits we’ve been hearing about for quite some time, with maintenance tubeless to add on top.


At a real 1338g with 12mm thru-axles installed (but no tubeless valves), Hunt thinks this may be one of the lightest traditionally spoked road disc clincher wheelsets available, as well as being fairly wide and tubeless compatible. Combine that with their straight pull, Centerlock Race Season Disc alloy hubs and 24 bladed Pillar PSRXTRA Aero spokes front and rear, for compatibility with QR or 12mm axles (more available separately) and Shimano, Campy, or SRAM XD cassettes.

The 30Carbon Aero Disc wheels are up for preorder now for £999 (about $1300/1170€) with delivery slated for late November 2016. If you don’t want to pay the full price on the wheels now while you wait, you can also put down a refundable £99 deposit for any of the wheels. They’ll contact you when the wheels show up and you have a week to pay the balance or get a refund of your deposit. Pretty low risk.

50Carbon Aero Disc


The 50Carbon Aero Disc road wheels share 100% or the same tech with their own deeper carbon rim profile. The 50mm deep rims get the same 26.6mm external & 21.3mm internal widths, also made from the same UD blend of 30/24T carbon fiber, reinforced at the spoke holes with 3K fiber. The deeper wheelset uses the same H-Lock bead/bed shape and is also built with the Race Season Disc hubset and 24 aero spokes front and rear.

hunt-50carbon-aero-disc-wheels_1438g-carbon-aero-road-disc-brake-wheelset_wheel hunt-50carbon-aero-disc-wheels_1438g-carbon-aero-road-disc-brake-wheelset_50mm-rim-profile

With the deeper rim the wheelset comes in just 100g heavier at 1438g. The 50Carbon Aero Disc wheelset can be preordered for a bit more at £1099 (~$1450/1300€). They also have a later delivery date set for late January 2017.

30Carbon Gravel Disc


The 30Carbon Gravel Disc wheels share the same rim as the light 30mm deep road wheels (so 30mm deep, 26.6mm external & 21.3mm internal) but swap in the Hunt 4Season Disc hubset with its j-bend spokes and better seals. Now with 28 aero spokes at both ends the Gravel wheels are rated for cyclocross, gravel, and road riding, the wheelset weight climbs to just 1489g.

hunt-30carbon-gravel-disc-wheels_carbon-gravel-road-cyclocross-disc-brake-wheelset_rim hunt-30carbon-gravel-disc-wheels_carbon-gravel-road-cyclocross-disc-brake-wheelset_hub

The 30Carbon Gravel Disc wheels can also be preordered now for the same £999 as the 30mm road wheels, and they even have a quicker delivery turn around, set for late October.

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5 years ago

Price is almost decent if these hubs are good. i like the specs

5 years ago

Hubs are from Novatec

5 years ago
Reply to  Pichy

That’s sad!

5 years ago
Reply to  myke2241

>hat’s wrong with novatec hubs ? Have owned many and always been happy. Standard bearing are easily replaced too.

Rayco from SF
Rayco from SF
5 years ago

Novatec have come a long way. There’s a reason so many are choosing to use their hubs now.

matthew moseley
matthew moseley
5 years ago

how come you guys can never seem to publish rim weights.

5 years ago

21c rims seem to become the new standard – and that’s a good thing! Tire pressure can be reduced drastically without increasing rolling resistance.

5 years ago

I can’t really get my head around the hookless clincher… Can someone enlighten me as to why this is better?

Tom Marchment
5 years ago

Hi Everyone, thank you all for the comments. Just a couple of bits of extra info/answers:

@Rich I recently answered this question below so hopefully it gives some pretty good detail about the whys and hows of hookless rims. “Can you clarify how and why you’ve been able to include hookless rims and the benefits they provide?
We have already had good experience with hookless rims on other wheels we have developed. The key benefits of hookless rim design (as is attested to by their use on all modern car, motorbike and many mountain bike rims) is that the rim wall can be stronger and yet require less material (saving weight) and complication (reducing potential material failures) when compared to a traditional hooked rim.
Hooked rims have been used as the easiest option for containing the bead during the high pressures that can be reached in rim-braked road bike wheels and tyres, there are ways to achieve this with hookless as well, but that’s mostly irrelevant to this discussion about disc brake wheels. The physics of braking means that pretty much all your kinetic energy is transferred to heat during braking. In rim brake wheels there is a significant amount of heat energy being transferred to the rim, tyre and air contained within the tyre, all of which can significantly raise tyre pressures during a long descent well above the pressure set by the rider before embarking on their ride. There have been several factors in rim design over the past few years that have reduced this issue including wider tyres and rims which have more material and air to disseminate the heat reducing the peak pressure during a long heavy braking descent. However, the change to disc brakes has completely removed this issue as of course all braking heat is dissipated at the centre of the wheel, not the rim. So disc braking has immediately opened bicycle rim design to the benefits of hookless rims which is why companies such as ourselves Stans and Enve are utilising hookless in our latest designs. Our 30Carbon Aero Disc wheels are a great example of the benefits as the rims compare extremely well on weight (at just 380g) against hooked models especially when their broad 27mm width is taken into account. Of course reducing weight at the outer edge of the wheel delivers a strong improvement for climbing and an exponential improvement in acceleration.” There are also some benefits to the wider rim bed (thanks to no hooks) allowing tyre beads to spread wider in the same outer dimension/weight rim.

@Pichy @myke2241 @antoine191 @Rayco from SF good spot. We’re only a young company so our quantities aren’t yet big enough to have all our own design hubs yet but we are about to release some rim brake wheels with some proprietary designed hubs. However, the Novatec disc hubs performed extremely well in our testing, offered some excellent specs for performance focused riders and as you may well know they are proven and trusted by many big brands and product managers I know personally, so we decided to work with them. We also upgrade the bearings to either EZO Japanese bearings or LU/LB externally sealed but low-friction bearings from the standard NBK bearings.

@matthew moseley sorry it’s not Bikerumor’s fault for the missing rim weights, you’re right we should have provided them. The 30Carbon rim is 380g and the 50Carbon rim is 428g.

We really do appreciate reading all the comments as that’s how we learn. Anyone please do feel free to contact us if you have any questions or even just want a chat. All contact details are on our site.

Thanks again all,
Tom Marchment – HuntBikeWheels | TheRiderFirm.CC