We’re all probably a little guilty of thinking that new gear purchase is going to make you a much better rider. But coaching? Psssh. We’re way past coaching, right? Wrong. Even the best riders can often benefit from skills coaching, though most of us don’t seek it out on a regular basis.

Trials mountain bike legend Ryan Leech knows this, which is why he’s once again offering a free skills course through the Ryan Leech Connection. The Connection is an online mountain bike skills coaching service that offers skills lessons as well as mental and physical fitness classes to make you a better rider.

Improve your skills in the new year w/ free MTB course from Ryan Leech Connection

And now they’r offering the seven part Trailhead Tip Traps course completely free. The course focuses on seven common tips often given at the trailhead that might be more trap than tip. Each has video instruction along with coaching and feedback to make sure you’re going in the right direction.

  • TTT #1 – Just Do What I Do
  • TTT #2 – Get Your Weight Back on Steeps
  • TTT #3 – Look Up and Further Ahead
  • TTT #4 – Drop Your Outside Foot in Corners
  • TTT #5 – Ride in Attack Position
  • TTT #6 – A New Bike Makes You a Better Rider
  • TTT #7 – If You’re Not Crashing, You’re Not Learning

The course is available completely free until March, so you have plenty of time to get started on your skills for the new year!


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